We received a call from a lovely prep school in Dulwich back in June for their annual charity gala which they were hosting at the Bromley Court Hotel. The governors were looking to create a Vegas fun and exciting theme with the glamour colours of red and black.

They had 120 guests coming and with that they wanted everything too look perfect so we got to work!

Using our Black Stretch chair covers with our Bright Red Taffeta sashes we created the perfect fun filled theme night.

Black chair covers are ideal for parties, events and weddings- perhaps not the most traditional colour for a wedding but we are finding it is certainly becoming popular as brides like to mix it up and be a bit unconventional especially since it creates such a striking look.

When having a black chair cover I always recommend the use of our wide selection of taffeta sashes simply due to the boldness you get from taffeta with the black chair cover underneath.

Top tip: For real dramatic appearance black with taffeta works best!


The taffeta can be tied in a traditional bow, (which we used for the gala) or in a corporate knot for a more sleek look- different personalities favor different choices and at Designer Chair Covers To Go we love choices!

The room before looked… nice!- no doubt the plain chairs looked ok- however it needed the finishing touches and it still is very surprising how the chair cover can create that finalised chic look.

bromley court hotel


Half the room started taking shape- alongside the red diamonds and black spades balloons which helped to transform the room the chair covers began working their magic!

vegas theme party

We loved the detail the organisers went into in creating the vegas night from the giant cards that were used to decorate the room.. to the fun chocolate cards on the tables for guests to enjoy whilst the night progressed.

vegas night large cards

Various games and toys were also dotted around the room- like the Elvis cardboard cutout where guests can take a photo as Elvis and the random 80s singer face masks.

IT looked like a truly epic night of mammoth proportion..

And we were pleased to be a part of it!

The final look of the room looked like this..


black and red chair covers theme party



Here we have it..


Las Vegas!

For more information on us and how we can help you decorate your party

Designer Chair Covers to go

las vegas theme party


  1. WOW this looks fabulous!! Im throwing a Casino Party soon for a friends 21st and you have given me some great ideas! Its funny how the chair covers and balloons have really transformed the room.


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