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Over the years we have acquired a variety of accessories to help with the décor on your day from table name holders, chair buckles, up lighters to easels.

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Sequin Cake Tablecloths

Sequin Cake tablecloths for hire are now in stock.

Cake tables are usually 3ft in size and these are the perfect fit..

Check out the video to see them in use!

We have gold sequin table cloths and silver sequin cake table cloths..

Make your cake look fab with some luxury table linen.


Sequin Cake Tablecloths

Sequin table Runners

Sequin table runners are all the rage at the moment and it is obvious why. The trend for glam sparkle and high fashion seems to always trickle down into the world of weddings. Instantly glam up your table with the sparkle table runners making your centrepieces glisten that little bit more!

We have Gold, Silver and Rose gold in stock

Let it go to complete your tablescape

Alongside the charger plates, elegant centrepieces, chair covers or chiavari chairs and more ;)


We are incredibly unique with what we offer and the range of decor items we have in stock.

Why not book to come and see us at the showroom!

Or have a chat over the phone


Sequin table Runners

The double love seat sofa

With popular demand new for 2015 sees our latest item enter the warehouse.

The beautiful white leather jewel incrusted sofa is a perfect compliment to the top table.

The sofa has featured heavily in American social media so we felt to be the first in this country to offer such a sofa.

The double seat sofa for the two joining the knot is a perfect finishing touch to your top table.

Use the sofa for a sweetheart table- just the two of you- or add it to the top table for the ultimate look in luxury and glamour.

The double love seat sofa

Mirror Cake Table Top

Our lovely 3ft Round Mirror cake table top is now available for hire for weddings and events.

Ensure your cake is one of the most extravagant things in the room with this stunning mirrored table top (part of the mirror collection)

The Cake table mirror table top is 3ft round.

Any questions just ask!



Mirror Cake Table Top

Glass Floral Cake Table top

The Cake Table Top

Our new 3ft round glass table top with artificial floral arrangements is the perfect display and showcase of your luxury wedding cake.

The 3ft round cake table is a gorgeous choice to beautify your wedding venue and decor.

Any questions do let us know.

The flowers can be customised to your colours and real flowers can be used.

Glass Floral Cake Table top

Gold Wedding Sofa Set

The Gold wedding sofa set

Our latest sofa set is this luxury supreme ivory leather with beautiful crystal gem detail.

Perfect for the bride groom and parents which works superbly well for the important photo opportunity.

The sofas are often used for the engagement parties or the wedding itself.

Add the sofa alongside a unique backdrop or the panel backdrop or create a sweetheart table with the sofas.

Lots of options available and customisable.

Get in touch for information and pricing.

The Sofa can be used alone for just the bride and groom or you can use the two side chairs for parents or guests.

We are flexible always go the extra mile for our clients – so let us get started in creating something stunning for you.



Gold Wedding Sofa Set

Silver Beaded charger Plates

We also stock Silver beaded charger plates for those that prefer a more neutral look. These are equally as pretty as our gold charger plates but works well with more of an understated feel.

The silver charger plates are also made of glass with pretty silver beads that surround the plate.

Used to decorate a table to create the perfect table setting for you and your guests these are an excellent added extra that changes the entire look of a table.

Combine the silver charger plates with a silver candelabra, tea lights, chiavari chairs or chair covers and your table is ready for the most important of guests!

These have become very popular in America, Dubai, Canada and Australia and now the UK.

The charger plates are for hire for events held around London and M25.

We also have Gold beaded charger plates.


Silver Beaded charger Plates

Gold Beaded Charger Plates

Our Gold beaded charger plates are the talk of the town…

Highly elegant and a stunning statement piece to add to any table.

These glass beaded gold charger plates are the latest addition to our catalogue of all things beautiful!

The charger plates create a stunning placesetting for your guests and overall room decor so as not to have an empty table when your guests arrive.

The plate is then placed on top of the charger plate for the meal and adds to the tables high glam feel.

Glamourous and one of our favourite items for decor!

Why not add our gold candelabras or gold chiavari chairs for the ultimate regal look!

gold beaded charger plates



Gold Beaded Charger Plates

White Podium pedestal Hire

We now have these white pedestals available for hire.

Perfect for that glamourous gorgeous floral arrangement.

Hire with our silver urns or vases or centrepieces.

To be added at either the front of the ceremony table or your top table

Versatile and a perfect piece to place your floral arrangements.

White Podium pedestal Hire

Silver Urns

Stunning silver urns for centre stage of the top table or aisle.

50cm in height and perfect for a large beautiful floral arrangement.

The high shine vases make a perfect decoration piece for events, parties and weddings.

Get in touch for more information.


Silver Urns

Wedding Table

Our large 6ft table, beautifully crafted with stunning detail is perfect for a unique ceremony table or the top table love seat.

This particular table has been paired with our Elegant white leather throne chairs.


Wedding Table

Wedding Sofa

Our luxurious white leather Wedding sofa and side chairs are the perfect solution to a unique engagement party, or wedding celebration.

Combine with a unique backdrop or draping with lights this will create a stunning scene for photographs and the wedding ceremony.

For more information on the Sofa get in touch today and we will be happy to help.

Wedding Sofa

Gold chiavari chairs

Gold like the silver chairs are an elegant opulent colour, more of an antique shade than the loud shiny gold it really is a lovely choice for many venues around london.

The Gold is a Designer favourite

2014 is filling up very quickly for our gold chairs so please get in touch asap with your dates and quantities.

Gold chiavari chairs

Silver chiavari chairs

Chiavari chairs have become all the rage in decor and we have picked the most unique and gorgeous colours when it comes to chiavari chairs.

Our silver chairs are an elegant subtle option for a real stunning affair- these chairs really are everywhere now most American films if they have a movie scene will always include the chiavari chair.

They don’t require chair covers as they are a decoration item in itself

For more information on our chiavari chairs get in touch today.


Silver chiavari chairs

Poseur table covers

Poseur table covers are a simple yet effective way to beautifully cover the bland table- no one likes to see a “naked table” at an event so our black or white table covers do the perfect job to elegantly cover exposed legs as well as leaving a clean sleek physic to the room.


Just click contact us to find out more!


Poseur table covers

King and Queen Throne chairs

We are pleased to finally present the King and Queen throne chairs available for hire for the top table of your big day.

The White tall backed wedding chairs are an excellent choice for adding something a little extra to the top table when a regular chair just won’t do.

The throne chairs have a Jewel incrusted detail fit for a king or queen.

Perfectly upholstered in a luxury white leather.

The chairs are hired in a set so for more information get in touch today.

grecian thrones yellow globe

King and Queen Throne chairs

Wedding Lanterns

Chrome luxury lanterns have also been added to the warehouse- the multi- functioning lanterns are ideal to decorate the aisle as a glam way light the way as you walk up the “runway”!

Lanterns are a classic and beautiful item for a romantic atmospheric feel to the room for yourself and your guests.

Available in Medium and Grand

Get in touch for details!

lanterns wedding aisle

Wedding Lanterns

Chiavari Chairs

Our newest item to the Designer Chair Covers To Go warehouse is the beautiful Chiavari chairs, perfect for the classic stunning table settings.

For clean lines our Chiavari chairs are a lovely solution to the alternate option of chair covers.

The chairs will be delivered to your venue ready for your big day or event.

For more information get in touch today and we will be more than happy to help.

Why not add a sash or a buckle to the backs of your chairs for an extra bit of colour.


Chiavari Chairs

Aisle Runners – Red & White

We now have aisle runners in stock for the big day! The runners come with a protective film which can be taken off right before the big runway walk!

Make the big walk into the room that extra bit special with a aisle runner from Designer Chair Covers To Go.

The Aisle Runner is bespoke size to the length of your venue and can be in a variety of colours from the traditional Red aisle runners and White runners.

We also provide an assortment ray of colours from blue, grey and more.

For more information just get in touch today!

red runner wedding

Aisle Runners – Red & White

Name projection and Initial Projection for Weddings

Name projection

So what is name projection? its an exquisite option of adding a bit personalisation to your wedding or event with the use of our Initial Projection system. Our team can create a beautiful design to be showcased onto the dancefloor or feature wall typically behind the top table. The Projection can be as simple with just the couples initials or add in the date of the special day. The choice is yours..

A fabulous option for your special day.

For more information about our name and initial projections simply send us an email or give us a call today!name projection

Name projection and Initial Projection for Weddings

Pleated Table Skirt

The Pleated Table skirt is used to decorate the top table and cake table which are places that guests focus on for the duration of the wedding reception. Unlike a table cloth it is perfect as it hangs down the sides of the table to cover the legs of the table to fall almost to the floor.

Table cloths are nice however table skirts really finish the look by creating a tidy pleated pattern which is certainly more pleasing on the eye, perfect for top tables and the photographer images.

Our Table skirts look even better when paired with our table swags to create the luxury top table appearance.

Table skirts also look good for the buffet table or gifts table.

 pleated table skirt

Pleated Table Skirt

Mirror Pedestals

Mirror pedestals or plinths are a pretty replacement for the simple stand available at most florists.

They are a great feature to have next to the top table ideal for presentational items such as the placement of a large arrangement of flowers.mirror outdoor wedding

The plinths are an excellent way to showcase the top table or they can be used at the wedding ceremony along the aise or even at the entrance to the wedding reception.

The large base allows a wide variety of options from flowers to centrepieces to something very special to you.

cube mirror pedestals

The pedestals come in two sizes the taller upright stand and the smaller square cube.

Both the Mirror Pedestal and the Mirror Cube are available for hire for weddings and events

For more information how these can be added to your big day get in touch today!

Or to view these mirror pedestals in use at a wedding this past year you can view the blog found here:
Mirror Pedestals

Crystal Table Skirt

We are noticing the popularity of crystals for weddings and events and we understand why they are GORGEOUS!

So alongiside our ever expanding crystal range we have the table skirt to go with it.

Table skirts really help to beautify the top table allowing for a seamless view for your guests and alongside the added crystal beads it can really complete the look for your wedding.

If you would like any more information on the crystal table skirts get in touch today..

Crystal Table Skirt

Crystal Buckles

Large Diamante buckles

buckles chair sashes

These are large and proud buckles which really add a statment to the chairs and the room as a whole.

Tied with organza, taffeta these look fabulous for a nice sparkle wedding.

For more information just get in touch today and we will be happy to help!

The crystal buckles are an optional extra which we provide for weddings and events that hire our chair covers or sashes.

The buckles are carefully knotted into the bow and  look like this!

crystal buckle

Crystal Buckles

White Wedding Easel Hire

As demand for our wedding easels has been immense we have increased our stocks and now have a traditional White Wooden Wedding Easel for hire- Perfect for the table name display image. Strong Sturdy and Pretty!

The Easel is for hire around London and the M25 areas.

For more information …send us an email or give the office a call.

The white wedding easel is adjustable for different height photo frames.


White Wedding Easel Hire

Crystal Garlands

Everyone loves diamonds and crystals- and with this we have created our crystal range- from the crystal centrepieces, crystal backdrops to theses beautiful crystal bead garland add ons to transform the silver candelabras to something more chic and shabby!

The crystal garlands are an elegant feature that are carefully draped over the candelabras to create a dramatic and pretty look- we can hire these with the candelabra as an added option for you!

The crystals can be added to Martini Vases, The large standing candelabras, table décor, backdrops and much more…

For more details- simply click the contact us button!



Crystal Garlands

Hire Uplighters

We have a large number of uplighters that can be used to create a wash of light in your venue.

Uplighters have the ability of changing to a multitude of colours from, red, blue, violet, pink, white and green. Uplighters add ambiance, atmosphere and warmth to any room.

Our L.E.Ds are safe and never get warm.

To find out more get in touch today!


Hire Uplighters

Artificial Candles

As a large holder of a variety of candelabras we have had to create alternate options for the venues and customers that would like a safer option than a naked flame.

We have for hire our artificial candles which come as an option when hiring from our candelabra range or if individually.


Artificial Candles

Table Name Holders

If you have a seating plan and therefore table names it comes standard that you will need table name holders!

Our silver standing table name holders provide the best solution to provide your tables with personalised names.

Available to hire today!

Instant Quote

Table Name Holders

Wedding Easel Hire

Our gold ornate wedding easel is available for hire for weddings and events. The beautiful easel can be placed outside the reception ceremony to direct guests with the seating plan or a simple sign holder.


Wedding Easel Hire