This Sunday, the 7th of February Designer Chair covers to go had our first wedding show of the year at the Beales hotel in Hatfield, a small contemporary hotel near St. Albans.

The Beales Hotel Hatfield
The Beales Hotel Hatfield

We set up our display and chose to have a set table with all our varieties of chairs on show. A lot of chair cover companies when attending wedding shows tend to have a basic polyester chair cover and sash all the same colour,which yes, is nice but it lacks variety.
So we brought our designer range, and a few standard covers to give a full and wonderful effect to the fantastic brides in the area.
The beales is a lovely hotel, we meet a lovely couple that had booked the hotel to have their ceremony in a few months time, and it’s a great choice.
We had a lot of interest as our chair covers are unique and all customizable.
It appears that pink and cadbury purple are next years top colours for wedding themes, many brides picking these colours from our sash rack!

Bright selection of Sashes

Be sure to check the themes post for more!
The wedding exhibition also had a wedding dress fashion show which I will be uploading to our YouTube page so check back for the links to that!

Wedding fashion show
Wedding fashion show

It was a lovely day, we meet, as usual, some wonderful people both brides and fellow industry workers. I love wedding shows, the freebies on offer are amazing and most regional ones are free and often the best!! !



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