A-list celebrity weddings: getting married with a bang Celebrity weddings are the most talked about and most covered weddings in the world, every time an A-list star decides to get a married or is married then magazines instantly flock to gain the rights to take the pictures and write the story, these stories and pictures are worth millions to a magazine. That’s why a lot of a-list celebrity weddings like to be different or unusual in some way, all publicity is good publicity and a celebrity wedding gets a lot of publicity. The biggest thing about celebrity weddings is the setting, every time an a-list celebrity is married it is always in somewhere either exotic or grand, which is their right after all they have the money and they want their day to be special.

wayne Rooney and his wife
Wayne on his wedding

Football star Wayne Rooney wed his childhood sweetheart Coleen McLoughlin in 2008, the ceremony was set at Villa Durazzo, a 300 year old palace in the Italian Riviera then they had the reception at a medieval abbey named La Cervara. The ceremony and the reception cost several million pounds but they did have a magnificent ceremony during which they said their vows in Italian but unfortunately it rained all day so celebrities can’t buy good weather.

The Medieval abbey they used was a short distance away from the same place that Rod Stewart had been married to Penny Lancaster, so obviously it was a popular area for celebrities to tie the knot. A setting can also be the perfect way of creating a smokescreen when it comes to celebrity weddings,

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey married her second husband Nick Cannon purely on impulse, they decided to have a ceremony out of the public eye in Carey’s estate in The Bahamas. No magazine contract was signed and the celebrity wedding itself was not confirmed for over week, the press speculated about the possible nuptials until Mariah Carey released a photograph showing the couple embracing and that was the end of the speculation.

David and Victoria beckham wedding

Wedding chairs are also used in celebrity weddings depending on the theme, the wedding of David and Victoria Beckham had them sitting on thrones during the ceremony as though they were king and queen. Celebrity weddings have been the main focus of all the news and entertainment journalists since the golden age of cinema and they will continue to be as we all love a good wedding especially if it’s someone we know, the bigger the wedding the better it is to read about.



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