This week Designer Chair Covers To Go has compiled a few of our favourite wedding locations and in the next few posts we will identify some of the main popular venue categorises  covering hotel weddings, Castle venue weddings, weddings abroad, church weddings and country club weddings. We will be uncovering the best kept secrets of some of the best locations. As usual we will be having some fantastic images and links.


Hotel weddings are one of the most popular choices after churches and other religious based venues. With a wide variety of hotels providing the availability to host your wedding,

Getting married in a hotel is one of the most popular choices of wedding venue after the churches and other religious venues. Hotels have the ability to provide rooms, large spaces, gardens, dining and service all under one roof. Hotels are available 365 days a year 24 hours a day and 7 days a week it allows a large variety of choice when it comes to booking your wedding day.

The wedding venue is one of the most important and most expensive parts of the wedding budget so its very important to consider the advantages and disadvantages when looking at individual hotels.

The plus of having a wedding in a hotel arises with the ability to have everything under one roof. You don’t have to think about transporting or worrying about your guests locating another location for the reception after the ceremony. The coordination of the day made is made a tad easier since your main concern after the church procession is no longer ensuring “uncle David” isn’t lost on the M25.

Other advantages involve having rooms to get ready prior and after the wedding, this can be great for wedding album as the photographer will be able to get some fantastic shots in the hotel room whilst your preparing for the day. If your lucky enough to get a venue with stunning large high ceilings ensure your photographer gets good the use out of the room; it can turn any wedding album  into a work of art and class. Furthermore it also works out fortunate that you don’t have the opportunity to be stuck in traffic on your way over to the ceremony no excuses for lateness! As It would simply involve walking down the hall and not having to worry about hiring a car.

Other advantages include the bar or lounge area for a drinks reception, after the ceremony the hotel will organise the distribution of drinks to your guests so you have the opportunity to greet your friends and family and have a few minor pictures. Its much better than disturbing everyone with the trek over to the second location. Similarly the sit down meal will also be of the same location again only located within the vicinity of the hotel allowing the organisation to run smoothly and with ease.

Most hotels will have a prepared dance floor so this can cut costs with the need to hire out a dance floor so the party can continue till the early hours of the morning.

Since its a hotel your guests have the opportunity to book a room at the hotel and stay for the wedding breakfast the following day, this usually works out really well as you don’t have to worry about driving, everyone can drink and enjoy themselves and not worry about the long journey home.

The hotel will usually sort out any minor problems you have or need on the day, with reception desk right at the front door if there is anything your short off they will surly help you out, something you cant get at a regular hall wedding.

The clean up, depending on the hotel majority will do the clean up after the party so it won’t be necessary for the bride and groom to be sweeping up after the long days events.

5 hotels that really caught our eye.

The Bromley Court Hotel,

Located on the tip of Kent, in Bromley the hotel has 2 acres of landscaped gardens ideal for pictures and outside lunches. Onsite parking and 6 miles from the M25.With over 100 rooms fully air conditioned banqueting suits and the ability to hold up to 190 people for the sit down meal.

It is also registered for civil marriage and partnership ceremonies.

Bromley Court Hotel
Bromley Court Hotel

Be sure to check out Bromley here.

International Hotel

Situated in Canary Wharf on the water’s edge of London Docklands with panoramic views of the London skyline the International hotel is another one of next choices.

Just outside the congestion zone and great network of transport links and an abundance of over 400 rooms the hotel is sure to have enough space for even the biggest of bridal parties.

It also offers great options to have a luxury penthouse suits with balconies to overlook the financial centre and skyline. The banqueting suits can hold up to 1500 people with fantastic staff and amazing service the International hotel is sure to be a great location for your wedding.

international hotel
international hotel

Be sure to check it out here

Ramada Hotel

The Ramada hotel just outside London; Hertfordshire and is 9 miles away from Luton airport offering 6 acres of fantastic photographic scenery and peaceful retreat for one of the greatest days in your life.

The hotel sits 150 people in its outdoot marquee and 70 in each of its six well lit meeting rooms. Huge landscaped gardens offer the perfect wedding day picture and backdrop, with an opportunity to have a wedding consultant to assist you with the planning of the wedding.

Ramada hotel
ramada hotel

Be sure to have a look at the offers on thier website.

Park inn London,

The newly restored Park Inn hotel offers some of the most amazing features, located right in the centre of the city near Covent Garden and the shopping streets of Oxford Street.

The hotel is a wonderful location to get married with its new Edwardian decor, 214 fresh and contemporary bedrooms and newly renovated four-star suits. The banqueting suits can hold up to 150 guests and also have the option of using the experienced chiefs to provide the menu you require. The Derby suite is said to be ideal for weddings due to its high ceilings and great natural lighting.

The park inn
The park inn

Be sure to click and find out more

The Hilton Croydon

Located in Croydon is the remarkable Hilton Hotel, known for its high quality and finesse the Hilton is sure to be a magical and romantic day for any bride and groom.

On the higher end of the budget scale the Hilton offers a wedding co-ordinator and has the possibilities of a 300 person banqueting feast in the Weatherill suite. The hotel also has a swimming pool and small health centre for you to recharge prior to the ceremony, and a 168 bedrooms to suit your guests as well as suits for the bride and groom.

Only 30minutes by train from Victoria with superb transport links and parking the Hilton lives up to its name in providing a great experience for its clients.

Hilton hotel Croydon
Hilton hotel Croydon

Clicky here for more


Wyndham Grand London

The grand opening for Wyndham Grand London is imminent; it only offers luxury suites to its clients and a harbour-side grand ballroom. The ultimate location for a wedding venue that is sure to give an awe inspiring effect to guests . The new glass fronted ballroom overlooks  the edge of Chelsea harbour giving panoramic views to the Tower of London and with the capacity to seat 500 people one of the largest in London.

The wyndham grand
The wyndham grand

Truely unique in its kind make sure you check it out


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