Weddings have always had to develop with the times, the Romans believed that a quick ceremony followed by lots of drinking was the key, the Victorians thought that white was right and now a wedding can be either a complicated affair or a simple one depending on what you want to do. Traditions have been throw out of the window as evidenced by the third most popular YouTube video of 2009, the ‘JK wedding entrance dance’ in which the ushers, groomsmen, bridesmaids, the groom and the bride all dance down the aisle to the music of ‘Forever’ by Chris Brown, not exactly here comes the bride.

wedding dance
wedding dance

The current trend is for the reception to be just as important as the wedding, it used to be that weddings were white therefore the reception had to be white but not anymore colour is the way to go for your wedding. The more colourful the wedding and the reception is the better, if you have a favourite colour then it is a good thing to decorate everything in that colour as that colour may have numerous shades that can placed everywhere even on the wedding chairs with the wedding chair covers and matching colored sashes that are currently being used. Bright colours are the way to go with any modern wedding. Most often organza pink, blue and cadbury purple being the favourite.

chair cover hire in bromley

A wedding gown used to be lace less but lace has came back with a vengeance, lace is believed to instill a sense of tradition and romance into a wedding so it has to be everywhere, not just on the wedding gown. Lace is being used in table linen especially for weddings due to new and innovate designs and they can create lace in multiple colours so if you prefer blue lace to traditional white lace then it can be done. Incorporating metallic lace over a plain coloured fabric is also something that is becoming more popular at weddings.

lace wedding dress
lace wedding dress

Something that never goes out of style at weddings are monograms, every single thank you card and anything that has writing on it during a wedding has to have a monogram on it. Wedding themes are something that are becoming more and more important to increase the enjoyment of everyone there, one theme involves the traditional couple dancing at the reception into a sword fight. Another theme is being advertised by EasyJet; in-flight wedding ceremonies, the pilot conducts the ceremony in mid-air, leaving the poor autopilot in charge, and then the couple arrives at the honeymoon destination.

Right now the main trend is to do anything in a wedding so do anything as long as you’re in love.



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