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Designer Chair Covers To Go will be looking at some of the most exciting, unique and classic wedding proposals that some of our brides have encountered.

This guide should help you if you are planning to woo your loved one with a shocker of a engagement.

Meal-The classic meal proposal, take her to one of her favourite dinner spots, make sure you pick one of the best restaurants in town-as she will be telling her friends, family and any woman she comes into contact with about her fiancé proposed to give her the wedding ring and a simple Mc Donald’s meal will not cut it.

Amaya Bar and Grill London

Whilst with friends- Maybe your fiancé is the type that would expect her friends to be involved, then why not pop the question as you and her friends go out together- perhaps for a meal or maybe everyone is around for a dinner at your house. Just make sure you are expecting a guaranteed a yes, as it could be quite humiliating if she were to say no whilst her friends are around or she may be compelled to say yes out of pressure.


With Family- If you want to ask her mums/dads hand in marriage prior why not go all out and ask her whilst you are round the parents place. If she is close to her family then she may appreciate this and would want to share one of the most amazing moments of her life with her loved ones.


Holiday- you could take your future fiancé on a holiday and pop the question whilst having a romantic moment away, she will forever love you for it plus you get to have a holiday away how lovely!


On a Gondola- yes these are romantic and loved by all, fly over to Venice, Italy, hire out a Gondola for about 60 EUROS, and tell your loved one what you feel. With this it is such a wonderful way to share your feelings whilst floating through the romantic water city.

Venice Gondola
Venice Gondola

Italy- Italy is one of the romantic countries in the world, filled with history art and love- take your soon-to-be bride to any one of these cities as a fantastic gift a show of love, we recommend Venice, Lake Como, Amalfi Coast, Capri Island, Riviera, Verona, Perugia

Italian city

Cruise- For all you big spenders this is a fantastic idea, if you love boats and travelling, take your soon to be wife on a cruise, these can vary from around the world trips to a continent excursion or area trips. Book one and you have your choice which city you’re going to break the news. If you can’t choose why not tell her whilst your out in between locations. Just you, your bride to be and the ocean.

Romantic cruise
Romantic cruise

Eiffel Tower -Another one of the romantic cities in the world, take her up the 1000ft historic monument and pop the question she would appreciate the view, venue and the magical spirit of the city, what’s more there are many attractions in the Eiffel tower so you are able to take her for a spectacular meal prior either at Altitude 95 or the Jules verne.

The Eiffel Tower
The eiffel tower

First Class Flight- Why not take her on a first class trip to a destination and pop the question while mid flight, a great opportunity to give the rings whilst in the lap of luxury and what’s more you have the entire holiday to celebrate your engagement.

First Class flight
First class flight

Performance- Maybe you’re the type that loves drama, why not hire out a perfuming artist to perform through the power of theatre- fantastic if you are after a show stopping engagement and A+ for creativity and uniqueness.

Performance theatre

Surprise Gift- Why not put the ring in a new bag or pair of Gucci shoes and when she opens the gift she will be sure to have a wonderful surprise when she gets a new pair of shoes and a beautiful jewel.

wedding ring proposal

A ring in a Meal- a popular choice in the movies, this typically goes wrong when the unsuspecting person accidently eats the ring, but planned just right you could carefully engineer the ring to be placed into a cupcake or presented on a carefully made orderve.

Cake rings
cake rings

Bungee jump- If you and your partner are a thrill seeker, why not get her out for a bungee jump and  either before, on your way down or after propose on this amazing feat.

Through song- If you are creative, why not write record and perform it in a song- maybe take her out get on stage and let rip, she will love you for your effort and its certainly a story for the friends.

Romantic bungee jump

Through a TV show- if you can get on TV why not take the opportunity to stand up and propose, live shows would be the best for this spontaneous type of behaviour, or if you would like to have more of a plan why not speak to the producers before hand, it has been done before and surely will be done again. Fun, romantic and genius

Newspaper – Pay for a double page spread in a local or national newspaper with a picture and a unique slogan, just make sure you chose a paper your other half reads on a regular basis- you can’t have her missing the ad!


Billboard ad- Continuing on from the ad’s if your love passes a large lit bill board on a daily bases why not rent the space for a few days with your own proposal. Very romantic and will be a fantastic surprise when she looks up and sees the enormous proposal.

Your ad here

SMS- For the laid back types a no fuss, no nonsense and to the point question for all you spontaneous lovers out there.

Iphone sms

Email- Again very simplistic if written beautifully perhaps through a poem it could go down well.


In a club– out in a top London club, why not pop the question here just prepare before hand with a VIP table and your all set!

Cool Clubs
Cool Clubs


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