Designer Chair Covers To Go have been speaking to some of the brides of 2011 and one of the main concerns that continue to reoccur time and time again is fitting into that special wedding dress. This countdown gives the most important things to consider to effectively loose weight for the big day for those of you that just want to loose a few pounds to a dress size a to ultimately fit into your fantastic dresses.

Fat diet wedding

Loosing weight can make you feel confidant, allows clothing especially that special “Dress” to fit more snugly and will lead to an overall health improvement, lower the chance of heart disease, blood pressure and many other heath issues.

Hot body

1. Motivation- One of the biggest factors to help any person loose weigh is motivation, without motivation you will not get to the gym, you will not start that new exercise plan and you will not pick the correct foods when you go to the canteen during lunch. You need to find your motivation- that being,  looking fantastic in the dress,  looking fabulous in the photographs and loving your figure for life. Really imagine a new you and your new body and this will be the driving force to get you on the bicycle when you just really can’t be bothered!

Motivation for weightloss

2. Foods- Pick the correct foods, join a food club such as weight watchers or slim fast or one you feel you will be motivated to do. It’s important to choose the plan which you will feel motivated to stick to for the duration if not life. Majority of diets suggest that it is important to eat early, reduce the carbs at night, eat lots of veggies and fruits, and drink plenty of water and most importantly eat frequently but smaller portions. It is also clear to note that most diets say it is psychologically incorrect to cut all the treats because it automatically creates a craving, so have an off day where you can eat what you like so that for the remaining 6 days your healthy.

Healthy EatingWater

3. Exercise- A key feature, you need to burn those calories to get the pounds off and to see the results. One pound of fat equals 1,500 calories therefore you need to have a deficit of 1,500 calories per week. Which will be around a 200 calorie deficit per day, it is important not to drop your calories below 1200 otherwise this can be dangerous and counterproductive. Choose an exciting exercise take up kettle balls or hula hooping all available at the Virgin Active health club. There are so many options when it comes to exercise there are no excuses!

Kick boxing


4. Have a day off, yes thats right you work hard 6 days a week, it is important to have the day where you can eat what you like, it is not practicle to be “good” all the time, 1 day a week is only 4 days in a month. Under this plan it makes the diet livable and applicable to real people and real life. So think prior to you starting which day you will use your veto day, it may be useful to have a weekend off so that you can work it into your nights out.

Eating yummy food day off

5. Have fun!- yes your making some wonderful changes, your body is getting better healthier and you are going to look fab- simple changes listed in this countdown will put you on the right track to lose the weight and be ready for the special date!

Wonderful Wedding Body


  1. I’m starting weight watchers today
    when u see these tips all clear on display like this
    it makes it look easy
    got to say positive n motivated and I will be good to go!

  2. Ive been doing the master cleanse…its hard but it works..will try to stick to some of the points mentioned here though


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