Pop show girl Katy Perry and British tongue-in-cheek comedian Russell Brand have been in the news this past week with more wedding speculation. The two have been engaged since April after dating for only a month, Brand wasted no time as he popped the question to Katy whilst on a holiday to India.

The media had a field day once they got a shot of the expensive engagement band. So as the clock still ticks away and we all wait anxiously for a new piece of information about the Russell/Perry wedding of the century we can summarise what we do know, and that is the lovely Katy will not be wearing a spandex wedding dress!

“I wear latex onstage, I sweat. I could wring out those dresses – and I don’t want to do that at my wedding” explains a happy Katy to People magazine.

Furthermore she has been working out intensively to loose some weight before the wedding so it could possibly be relatively soon, reports also suggest the wedding could take place back to the engagement scene in India.

Both have been extremely busy more recently with Katy’s new album Teenage Dream setting to hit the shelves in a few weeks. Perhaps after the album madness is over we can really start the wedding planning. Katy is not one of the most traditionalists so maybe a Very Wang dress may be out of the window for her. But who knows both Russel and Perry strive to be unique and unpredictable and Designer Chair Covers To Go can’t wait to see the result of a wedding theme designed towards that!



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