The lovable and sweet Olsen twins have been in the limelight since they were children literally growing up on the big and small screen. The twins have been successful and have developed other positions outside acting and most recently rumors have emerged that Ashley Olsen is set to be engaged to 2 year boyfriend and actor Justin Bartha.

Justin is said to be looking at engagement rings at boutiques in LA for the beautiful Blonde and is preparing to pop the question any moment now!

An insider close to the two has recently been quoted “Justin is in love with Ashley and is simply waiting for the right time” its also rather shocking to note that he has asked Ashley earlier and she had said no,

she continues “Ashley has always been the more centered of the twins, and Justin is centered, too. They mix well with each other’s friends and calm each other. Justin’s a hard worker and sees acting as a business. Ashley runs successful brands and has a strong work ethic.”

Well stay tuned for more updates on the engagement ring and proposal!



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