This past weekend we had the fortune of providing chair covers for a wonderful Jewish wedding held at the luxury Four Season Canary Wharf .

The extremely modern Four Seasons Hotel London...

The hotel has a fantastic view of the River Thames often described asĀ  a sleek chic and beautiful a true venue for any dream day wedding.

We arrived very early in morning to transform the business room into a “wedding” and as you can see in the morning the impact of the chair covers from before to after makes a substantial difference to the setting.

four seasons wedding
Four seasons before

Over 140 guests were on the way down to the venue to celebrate the big day!

White organza sash
white organza sash

Choosing a white chair cover with a white organza sash the bride had wanted a simple base colour to compliment her other themes of the day which turned to be bright pink.

White wedding theme
White wedding chair covers and sashes
white wedding chair covers and white organza sashes
White organza bows
White chair covers
Four seasons wedding

As you can see the chair covers really transformed the room!

Unfortunately due to time constraints we were unable to get the images of the favours and cake but she had chosen a 5 tier pink and white wedding cake and coloured sweets and photographs as favours.

A lovely end to a very busy week at Designer Chair Covers To Go

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