This Weekend on a trip to Milan we visted a few bridal dress stores located around Milan,

One which really stood out to us due to the beauty and classic designs was Pronovias.


The window display immediatly caught our attention with 5 beautiful gowns from the newest 2011 collection.

Pronovias are reknowned worldwide with shops throughout Europe and America.

Glamour Collection wedding dress Pronovius
From the Glamour collection


Because glamour is an individual experience, the wide range of bridal gowns with bold contrasts of volume, rich fabrics such as lace, organza or heron, and the finest accessories. The female figure is covered with drapes that are bound, precious stone details, natural folds, pleats, ruffles and tulle.

Simply Stunning

This dress is called Alison

Glamour collection Pronovius
Glamour collection Pronovias

The Dreams collection

Formentera New Dreams collection Pronovius
Formentera New Dreams collection Pronovias

There is nothing better for a day so special and memorable than recreate a world of dreams and pure fantasy. Wedding dresses with flattering strapless necklines, meticulously enhancing the waist, and skirts with spectacular volume . Stunning A-line and mermaid styles, lined with thousands of feathers, cascading ruffles and magical applications.

This dress is called Formentera.

Formentra from the DREAMS COLLECTION
Formentra from the DREAMS COLLECTION


The Fashion collection by Pronovius Milano
The Fashion collection by Pronovias

Very thin and light wedding gowns,both in fluid, sheer style and mermaid cut. All made with soft fabrics like chiffon, pleated chiffon or morbid tulle . And on silhouettes of feminine curves, details that make a difference, asymmetrical necklines, floral applique, feathers or richly gemstone embroideries.

This dress is called Abeto.

Abeto pronovius collection
Abeto Pronovias Collection


Pronovius costura collection wedding dress
Pronovias costura collection wedding dress

Exclusive luxury designs, very creative, imperial, classical and romantic silhouettes, . Whether smooth, framed in gemstone straps, silk satin sleeves or wrapped in feathers, the neck becomes a jewel sining with its own brightness. Both in gowns and accessories, from lightweight silk chiffon, the Mikado silk and rebrodé lace to Jacquard silk organza embroidered tulle or lace.

This dress is called Arenal.

Arenal Pronovius wedding dress
Arenal Pronovias wedding dress
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  1. Could you give me the address of the Pronovias shop in Milan? We are going to Milan next week to buy a wedding dress for my daughter and she loves Pronovias.
    Also, if possible, an indication of their prices.

    • The Pronovias has a large shop near the metro station san babila, right next to the new famous abercrombie store.

      Via San Pietro all’Orto, 6
      20121 Milan, Italy
      02 76021343

      The prices for the dresses vary but it is a luxury brand so expect luxury prices, but you can contact them and find out- number above- the country code for Italy is
      or you can always view the website!
      Have fun in Milan, it is one of my favorite cities in the world!


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