In breaking news today, the latest and greatest of diamond rings will be up for auction at the famous Sotherby’s for a record breaking amount.

Pink diamond
Pink Diamond worth over 27 million

The pink diamond ring from Geneva is extremely rare due to its enormous number of carats which is estimated to reach over 24.  Its rarity makes its value over 27 million dollars, a world record in the jewellery market.

The current most expensive ring was a blue Wittelsbach-Graff 35.56-carat diamond sold by Christie’s back in 2008 for 24.3 million dollars.

wittelsbach graff

Despite the current economic climate there has been a lot of interest for the rare pink gem, but since its a good clean investment rather than currencies or equities this also boosts the price even further.

This ring is probably out of most budgest but why not check out some of these suppliers for some beautiful wedding rings.

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