Our bride wanted to have a simple and elegant theme for her wedding, she had already picked a dress and had a colour in mind. So we meet up to discuss a few options.

Purple table center flowers

She showed us a swatch of the purples she had from her bridesmaids dresses and we both agreed that this shimmery red-ish purple would do the job complimenting her beautiful flowers and subtle purple hints on her wedding favours.

Bridesmaid flowers
Bridesmaid Flowers

The wedding was taking place on a warm winters morning out in Hertfordshire.

I took this picture before we started the “transforming process” and as you can see it looks like a nice room but it could be set out for a luncheon or a breakfast there is nothing here that suggests wedding and that is how a simple feature such as a chair cover can really work magic changing a nice location to a dreamy wedding.

Chair covers before and after
Without Chair covers

The venue Letchworth Hotel had lovely grounds fantastic for the Hertfordshire photographer that captured some wonderful images of the bride and groom on their special day.

Letchworth Hall
Letchworth Hall

Already with just a white chair cover the room has begun to take shape…

white chair covers
white chair covers

The couple had decided to incorporate beaches in the UK as their table names because they signify where the groom had taken his bride on several holidays and where he also proposed to her.

Table name cards weddings

Her top table was elegant and simple with a few sparkles that match the purple colour theme.

Wedding Top Table
Top Table

Some of the other images failed to capture the two-tone ability of the purple organza sashes a very pretty affect that it has on the room.

This picture captures the room in its entirety and the beautiful finishing touches.

Purple Organza sashes
Two-tone organza sashes

We supply wedding chair covers for those looking in the Hertfordshire and Essex areas, so if you are looking for a fantastic event decorating team give us a bell and we can set up a free consultation.




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