This weekend we had a lovely time at the beautiful and grand wedding venue at Lincolns Inn near Holborn in London.

We had a beautiful display stand showcasing our wonderful products and services to newlyweds.

Wedding starlight backdrop
Starlight Twinkle curtain and Stretch Chair Covers

Our Starlight curtain as always was very popular and a main attraction at the show.

As we can see these curtains are great for adding a warm atmosphere to the room with a touch of magic through the use of soft twinkling lights.

We decided to demonstrate our stretch chair covers today with a cadbury’s purple organza sash due to its immense popularity this past year.

Our Wedding accessories such as napkin Rings and Chair Back ties have been also very popular.

Napkin rING
Napkin Rings

Very Blingy and sparkly for brides who love diamonds and glittery shine on the table.

We always carry our small collection of sash colours to give everyone an idea of what we have to offer.

Sash hire
Sash colours

We love our feathers too!

Ostrich feathers are very popular and an elegant feature for the tables in very modern weddings. We love their soft look that it can add to the table and overall room. We took our small miniature ostrich feathers to the show, for display purposes.

Ostrich feather hire
Ostrich Feathers

For those who choose to have a butterfly wedding theme, it can be a fantastic addition to use our butterfly chair ties for some added beautification!

Butterfly wedding theme
Butterfly Wedding theme
Wedding Show
Our Display at Lincolns Inn


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