Candles are wonderful ideas for weddings and receptions.  Candles are popular for weddings because of the romantic affect they have on rooms.  This is why giving candle wedding favours favors is a wonderful idea for your wedding guests.  As you and your husband begin your new life together among your family and friends, candle favors can be a symbol of your eternal love for one another therefore making your ceremony a unique wedding.

candle on mirror
Candle as a Centerpiece

In giving candle favors as gifts, you do not want to simply tie a ribbon around the candle and forget about it.  Brides should make the candle favors as personal as possible.  If brides insist on going simple, they can always purchase beautiful candles for the reception while informing their guests to take them home with them.  No matter the idea you come up with for your candle favors, guests are sure to love them due to candles being such a decorative item.  Unique weddings entail unique decorations and party favors, which is why brides to be should contemplate carefully the lasting impression they want to have on their family and guests.

candles for dinner
candles for dinner


Do not forget about gifts and wedding favors. Wedding favors are very important gifts for brides to offer guests and families.  Here are some ideas for wedding candle favors, which will ensure that you have not only unique gifts for your guests but a unique wedding:  

  • Purchase dark colored candles such as black, red or gold and in round or square shapes.  Tie contrasting colors of ribbons around them that contain names of the guest or the day you and your husband met.  This is a unique idea for unique weddings, which are sure to impress your guests.  Brides can also add some of their own cultural ideas to this gift.
  • Grapes are the symbol for joy and hope and would be a great idea to have candle favors themed with this idea in mind.  Grape candles along with some grape wine in a sophisticated wine bag would be perfect in pleasing your guests but also as a representation of your new relationship with your husband.  
  • Decorative candleholders prove sophistication and elegance for any wedding favor gift.  Purchase candleholders that have beautiful flowers hand painted on them or frosted on them.  If brides are good with arts and craft, they can always make their own candleholders to give to guests and family.  


Romantic dinner with candles and flowers
Romantic dinner with candles and flowers

Giving out unique wedding gifts to family and friends makes for a nice ending to unique weddings.  Guests and family will appreciate a beautiful candle favor which they and utilize within their own home.  This is a wonderful idea because every time the wedding candle favors are burned, the special memories of that special wedding day will come to mind.  Unique weddings are something brides want to have with every detail perfect and beautiful.  Wedding candle favors are the perfect ending to any wedding while proving the bride pays attention to detail.

Wedding candle-wedding favors can prove to be the best wedding favor for any bride to utilize at her wedding reception.  The candles given as gifts can be an inspiring testimony of the love shared by the bride and groom as well as guests of the wedding who are married.  Candles represent love, purity and everlasting love, which is why this type of wedding favor is truly a unique idea for unique weddings.

Your wedding day will be shared with people family and friends who obviously mean a lot to you.  Ensure that they know how much they mean to you by offering unique wedding favor to them.  This gesture will be heartwarming while allowing them to know that you love and care about them.  Unique weddings always entail appreciation for family and friends which is why wedding candle favors is the perfect way to show all of them how special they are to you and the groom for sharing your special day.


  1. I love the floating candle, it’s really cute and fantastic when it lights with those beautiful flowers under it. Great pics !

  2. Oh! Candle lights at the reception was just cool, specially if the celebration is at the evening. Really great! 😀


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