We are excited to see the new season of the American Four Weddings is back on Living TV.

It’s always great to see this fab wedding show back on TV with more competitive and green eyed brides competing for the top prize of a luxury honeymoon away.

So far in the season we thought the best brides have won the competition and this week’s new selection of brides makes another episode of great viewing.

We have the low budget- New York wedding: which we didn’t  particularly like- it was more of a social gathering than a wedding.

The Bing wedding-Featuring a lovely church ceremony, a fantastically fitted dress, Chair Covers! and a great disco we would have to say a close winner however the awkward moment at the maid of honour’s house put us off!

The outdoor classic manor house wedding- we loved the idea of the candy buffet, the dusky rose colour theme and the gold fish centrepieces, we loved the special toast at the top of the mansion.

the sweet display
the sweet display

The Caribbean wedding- Has to be our favourite, the food, the atmosphere, the decor all gave us what we thought the best wedding to win the show.

Classic to the American weddings is the Cocktail hour phenomenon- which is some time where your guests get to catch up and have a “cocktail” and some finger food or in some cases on the show a huge buffet selection spread whilst the photographer and the bridal party take some photographs.

The cocktail hour terminology isn’t as popular in UK weddings but I am sure there is a rising trend as most patterns tent to closley follow behind the Americans.

cocktail hour
cocktail hour

Its a fab show and we don’t want to spoil the ending of this particular episode, so we direct you to catch the next showing of Four Weddings on livingtv on Wednesday’s, it is great to see some other wedding ideas and you will notice how popular wedding chair covers are!


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