Weddings are all about your unique styles and tastes- your choice of dress, your choice of colours, your choice in themes and detail really tells your friends and family a lot about your interests and personality that you have as a couple. This also extends out to the wedding invitations, stationary and table place names the more subtle side of the wedding preparation.

wedding table center piece
Table Name

The wedding stationary should be an extension of the wedding following on from the theme colours and style, your guests usually get a clue into what they will be in for at the wedding and a slight clue in what colours they should be wearing. Again, the options for your invitations are immense and can be designed, decorated and coloured to meet your needs.

One particular unique way in which you could achieve some beautiful stationary is through the use of an calligraphy artist- They have the ability to sit with you and produce some fab designs for your  wedding day and guests.

The invitations are a great start- the first impression of your wedding plans to your guests- for a small fee you can get the calligraphy artist to personalty design the invitation incorporating your colour schemes and themes.

Calligraphy is a romantic and dreamy form of text popular for weddings as an invitation getting an envelope through the post with the perfect scroll writing dropped to the mat creates an instantaneous impact. It demonstrates class and a traditional feel to what the reader will find inside.

In today’s world when everyone has access to a PC and printer and everything is printed in the same font and text the use of a calligraphy artist’s unique style will give your invitations the perfect premium style, your guests will be sure to notice your attention to detail.

Wedding Seating Plan

Here you are able to put your calligraphy artist to good use for the design and writing of your seating plan- just provide them with the names and information that you want to and your artist will create the beautiful piece of artwork for you.

Once the wedding ceremony is over the guests are usually occupied during the cocktail hour then shortly after are directed to the seating plan to locate where they will be sitting and on which table this is when your seating plan will be put to good use by your excited and eager guests so why not give them an attractive custom and beautifully created piece of artwork that you can keep in your wedding collection once the day is over.



The Table Names & Personal name tags.

Usually most guests when they see their personal hand made name tag there is an excitement most guest tend to keep beautifully designed name tags as a keep sake for the wedding, after all it is a personal name tag. Don’t forget to name the tables in something exciting and personal to you, it adds character to the room instead of a boring 1,2,3 layout. It is also a great conversational starter for those that are sitting around the table, it can be used during the speeches and great for the photo album which will show the extent and the detail you have chosen.

As part of an expanding product range we are offering a service as part of our event decoration packages of place names and seating plans.

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