This past week I was given a stunning braclet by Tresor Paris

The stunning bracelet has 5 silver crystal gems and 6 magnetite balls with two magnetic attachments.

Tresor Paris
Tresor Paris Silver Bracelet

The added value and special thing about these bracelets is that they have magnetic balls which have a certain healing properties, which have been said to assist in healing such as recovery, it is also said to be good for asthma sufferers as it sedates overactive organs. It works fabulously well for the skin as an anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve muscle cramps activating sluggish organs and great from stopping nose bleeds. Since wearing mine for the past three days I have not had any of these symptoms! (Not that I have asthma or regular nosebleeds). I have also had one lady that complemented the bracelet which shows its pulling power!

tresor paris
tresor paris

As an Aquarian the bracelet I was given also matches my star sign but it is said to be also great for Aries, Virgo and Capricorn!

The Bracelets come in a variety of stones and colours unique and ideal for each individual-  these bracelets can be a perfect gift for your bridesmaids or if your feeling very ggenerous can act as a beautiful favour option for your wedding guests.

RRP Around £39.99


  1. RRP £39.99!?!? where from may I ask, all the places I have seen sell them for £149 upwards… I’d really like to know where you can buy them cheaper?


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