2 Beautiful weddings we were fortunate enough to be apart of recently in local venues Ripley Arts in Bromley and Pembroke Lodge in Richmond found us setting up and decorating. Both weddings had a special feeling about them as they took place on the Friday 29th April. The Royal Wedding!

The Ripley Arts centre in Bromley is a small but beautiful venue that has enough space for up to 100 guests, fantastic grounds and a very lovely staff that help you with your day.


Our bride had chosen a lovely lush Olive Green Taffeta sash with a white chair cover.

Green taffeta sashes chair covers white
Green Taffeta Sashes

The room is a bright and beautiful area for a small reception with family and friends. The grounds are large and cater to the bridal party well.


  1. These Green Taffeta sashes are really looking very beautiful with white chair covers. Ripley Arts in Bromley and Pembroke Lodge both are beautiful venue for weddings. The white chair covers with green taffeta sashes make wedding hall more attractive. If you’re thinking of having a green wedding theme, hopefully this wedding inspiration will whet your appetite.


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