After a busy weekend of successful weddings and birthday parties I happened to get back to turn on Channel 4 to see Bride Wars. My days of weddings is surely not enough.. I had to watch!

The film with the beautiful Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway starring in this wedding fiasco film about the best of friends breaking up due to their fight to have the best wedding on the same day at the same hotel.

Bridal Wars

Over a series of hilarious pranks and comical scenes which pokes fun at the traumas that comes with along with planning a wedding the two refuse to back down as they in turn try to prevent the other from getting married. Each prank gets worse by the minute leaving Kate Hudson with blue hair and Anne bright orange.

A light hearted film for a nice Sunday night when you feel as if you have done enough wedding planning for one day! pop the dvd into the player and watch..its a nice laugh and brings back perspective!

If not, the latest wedding film came out last weekend Bridesmaids- I have yet to have see it is on my summer cinema list! Looks good! Happy Viewing



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