We Love reporting on some of our weddings to brides looking for new ideas- this weekend we had the opportunity to use our burgundy red organza sashes with our white chair covers to transform the beautiful scenic wedding venue at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond. South West London.

The bride arrived in from France a few days prior to the wedding, she had booked everything with us simply over the telephone and picked her colours which was a simple burgundy red rose colour.

We arrived on a beautiful sunny morning to set up for the ceremony- the chairs were out ready for us to get to work.

wedding chair covers pembrok lodge
Without Chair Covers

The room is very bright and ideal for summer weddings- however the setup is nice but not perfect! this is where the chair covers come in!

Wedding Chair Covers, Red sashes
The Bride & groom table

As usual the bride and groom get their chairs covered alongside a beautiful red and white selection of roses and other flowers.


red rose centerpiece

The Bride wanted a simple centerpiece of Red roses and foliage to decorate the tables filled with water and marble crystals for added sparkle.

Traditional red roses are a simple and classic flower for weddings known for their romantic gestures.

chair covers, white chair covers, red organza sashes

The great thing about Pembroke lodge is the greenhouse ceiling presenting a lot of light into the room.

The bride really cherished simplicity at this wedding but as we were on a tight time schedule we did not get a chance to see the other exciting features she had at the wedding however this is the final look.

Pretty ….

black organza sashes; white sashes; red chair covers; red organza sashes; white chair covers; pembroke lodge.



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