We had the fortune of decorating the venue of Bradbourne House in Kent for their annual summer wedding show.

We wanted to do something different and interesting that created a particular buzz so we choose an interesting mix of purple taffeta and pink taffeta sashes- both very prominent colours that drew a crowd! Perfect!

purple and pink taffeta sashes
Purple and Pink

Having a mixed colour within a wedding scene is becoming a popular and new trend within several weddings we have done this year so in this case we wanted to give brides an idea or the inspiration that you could potentially do with two colours.

Here we selected a cadbury purple taffeta– an incredibly popular choice this year- to go with a baby pink taffeta

With the traditional White chair cover and butterfly accessory.


We have slowly begun the release of our new candelabras to our collection and they will be debuting over the next few months!

These tall 50cm silver 5 arm candelabras are available to hire along side artificial candles or real candles.

These are great on tables combined with candles, flowers or alone- chic and sexy!

We also managed to display our mini starlight backdrop which is in the background of the above picture as well as our Napkin Rings

Get in Touch for more information and stay tuned for the new centerpieces!



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