Over the course of the summer we have had a variety of weddings that we have yet to post on our blog however as we slowly try to keep up to date and clear the backlog, we have choosen to feature this wedding which took place in early June.

This wedding, we had the honour of decorating was for a wonderful gay couple that tied the knot in Farleigh Golf Club in Croydon Surrey.

Our grooms were very hands on and extremly creative in creating a beautiful wedding reception in the main room of the golf club-

I did not manage to get the picture of the before room but it was a standard empty room which needed to be transformed…but with our grooms we got a transcending beautiful wedding reception.

We fell in love with the multicoloured gay pride wedding cake- we did not manage to get the creator of such a beautiful masterpiece but if you are interested I could always find out from the grooms.


multicoloured wedding cake, gay wedding cake


We loved the detail they went into the fulfil the theme of the gay pride colours from the exciting Napkins which were colour coded to the tables.

orange napkins
Orange Napkins

Very creative for even more colour on the bright tables.


centerpieces, orange centerpiece, dramatic wedding ideasOn each table we saw the lovely glasses of gloopy lit eye catching centerpieces… These were very beautiful in real life and rather striking on entry to the room as well is a large round mirror base for added brightness and reflection.

The couple had choosen to have the large starlight 30ft backdrop to go behind the top table- they also added thier balloon display continuing the multicoloured theme which we simply LOVED!

They did choose to have silver organza sashes for the top table-which went perfectly with the swags.


BACKDROP weddings

One half of the room ended up looking like this:

White Chair Covers gave the basis to the room and the organza sash did the rest of the work!

wedding multicoloured themeEach table consisted of the matching colour organza sash-

using Red Organza

Blue Organza

Orange Organza

Yellow organza

Purple organza

Green organza

Pink organza

Each of which looked fantastic..each table had balloons and the dramatic fun exciting table lit centerpiece vases.

white chair covers and multicoloured sashes

As you can see the room was an exciting and very colourful- Another great wedding at the Designer Chair Covers To Go offices.


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