In July we had the pleasure of decorating two venues for one bride that choose to have her ceremony in the church she grew up in- near Muswell hill in North London.

The bride we met on the evening before when we setup the stretch white chair covers and teal organza sashes.

The church was a place she had always wanted to get married in since being a little girl, so wanted to incorporate the church into her big day other than the religious ceremony, so she came up with a vintage tea party in the church back room.

Getting the venue to have a vintage feel took over 7 months of preparation which had her and their fiancée out at markets searching for vintage china to decorate the tables.

Some of the China was over 100 years old but in perfect pristine condition.

As we setup relatively quickly I did not have a chance to take the before picture but a few progress images..

The back room of the church was splendid with lots of natural light and large windows and lovely green outside.


crap chairs at wedding

The fine china on the table would make for a lovely gathering of the brides church community- featuring little jars of preservatives, cakes scones and tea.

Very British and Lovely


The room took about 120 seated so a medium sized wedding however the church had a variety of chairs for use the bride went for stretch chair covers as they have the added bonus of fitting all chairs and making the room look  very uniform and therefore pretty.

The chairs were small plastic school chairs which cover well with our stretch chair covers.

Chair covers, teal organza sashes


We loved the attention to detail- the bride used white flags around the room which transformed the room to look very seaside beach appearance which worked really well with the white chair covers.

We also noticed the personalised table names which had various locations the couple had visited during their time together which was a lovely touch. They also used home made preservatives for their tea and scones- very quintessentially English and full of loveliness!


teal organza wedding ideas table names

A very lovely wedding- if your interested in hiring our chair covers with these superb teal organza sashes- Get in touch today!

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