The year is almost over- 2011 has amazingly sped by, it feels like only yesterday the bubbly was out and we were all toasting down the new year and we are already gearing up for the Christmas season.

2011 has been a year of change from the previous year- we are amazed to see how trends in fashion are just as extreme as the trends in wedding event styling!

This is going to be a cool countdown of the top five colours picked by our brides over the past 8 months of the year.

 Number 5.

Ivory Weddings

The lovely off white colour has been an outstanding colour with the brides this year- due to its simplicity, hint of cream and elegant look when placed on the chair.

Ivory is a great choice if you have another strong prominent colour around the room or if you are unsure which colour to go for- it is considered a safe and an always beautiful colour when used as organza sash bows.

This year we have an unprecedented amount of weddings using or sparkling ivory organza sash paired with the white chair cover or stretch chair covers.

Below is the ivory in use at Ripley Arts in Bromley whereby the ivory worked well to compliment the fair decor and the simple theme the bride had opted for.


wedding reception chair covers
Wedding reception Stretch Chair Covers

Brides that have chosen Ivory can compliment this choice with vintage tableware such as the birdcage- alongside the vintage theme birdcages have been used an unprecedented amount due to the versatility for use with flowers, candles or personal touches. How pretty!

Birdcage weddings centerpiece
Vintage Birdcage Centerpiece

Number 4.

Pink weddings

A clear winner over the ivory is the forever favourite when it comes to weddings- PINK!

Pink has always been and forever will be popular from baby pink to fuchsia pink- a traditional girlie colour for brides that love the colour.

Throughout the year pink has remained consistent as the “GO TO”  colour- it is a nice bright romantic which compliments many other choices. The main focal point about choosing a colour of a wedding is the need to pick a colour that compliments your other choices as a common mistake we find with brides that opt for a random colours that they can never find other accessories and decorations to match or compliment.

With pink – you don’t find this!

wedding chair covers pink organza sash

Baby pink is a soft colour very angelic and lovely looking!

Fuschia is more of a fiery colour which is vibrant and full of life.

A wedding we had in Surrey a few weeks ago adopted the fuschia pink with a very large bouquet of pink flowers in lovely tall martini glasses- we provided the mirror bases for the tables alongside chair covers and sashes.

They also chose to opt for atmospheric lighting with up lighters in the corners of the room.

large wedding flowers in martini glass

pink organza sash


Most pink brides incorporated their bridesmaids into the theme with lovely dresses as below!

pink wedding theme

Number 3.

Navy Blue

Navy is another popular colour of the summer- the vibrant navy blue organza sash adds a coolant affect and is rather regal with a white chair cover.

We have had a variety of navy brides that opted for the colour as it went with the room decor and in one couple we met it was the grooms favourite colour!

Navy can be a colour that can be adopted all year round- its regal colour adds a lot of presence to the room and with chair covers and sashes really transforms the venue.

We really like the prominent colours as it really is dramatic when guests enter the room.

navy blue organza sashes wedding chair covers


The wedding featured above was at the Spa Hotel in Kent– the large room looked stunning with organza sashes and white chair covers again the bride had the option of choosing a gold sash to match the curtains or navy sash to match the carpet we felt the navy was a nicer choice leaving the room looking very elegant and outstanding. With navy it leaves you very open to lots of choice in table decorations like invitations or centerpieces.


Number 2.

Cadbury Purple


An all time favourite this year and last year- the purples have been a very trending colour for the brides and all ranges are popular from Lilac organza, aubergine organza, dark purple organza and of course the cadbury purple organza.

Purple is seen as another regal colour- the colour of kings! very prominent and lovely and incredibly popular with our brides this year.

With so much range in the possible purples you can choose the inspiration for this colour is immense however it does come with problems with ensuring your suppliers all have the same hue and shade.

But oh-the-possibilities.

We have had some fantastic purple weddings with our favourite Designer Taffeta purple sashes featured below.

cadbury purple taffeta sashes wedding

Using taffeta runners, taffeta sashes and table swags and our starlight backdrop made this venue a beautiful setting for the lovely bride.


Number 1.

Champagne Gold

The utmost used sash colour that was used this year has been the champagne gold– aka dusky gold- which is a cross between a champagne colour with a little bit of goldish sparkle.

This has been popular due to its subtle hue and attractive feel against the white chair cover.

gold african wedding decorations
Dusky gold

One of our largest wedding this year with more than 400 people the bride opted for a dusky gold to compliment the elegant decor at the no 8 hotel in London.

The room prior was an empty shell but with the addition of the table linen white chair covers it instantaneously makes the room a beautiful banqueting part or wedding.

The champagne gold works fantastically well with stretch covers as well featured here in a venue in Bromley Kent

champagne gold organza sash wedding chair covers


With a variety of other wedding with the popular colour also due to its neutral and natural appearance complimenting ivory wedding dresses and elements of gold it is fantastic for bringing together more than one colour or a mix.

champagne wedding cake

This cake brings in champagne and green and subtle hints of pink- lovely!


It is always important to remember that the colour is just a colour- the most important point of the day is to spend and enjoy the celebration of becoming married.

Which ever colour you choose to use will transform the room- always incorporate your personality to your wedding so that it is planned to your own specification and not someone else’s.

It’s a fantastic day and when you bring your suppliers all together like a musical sympathy it creates a splendid wedding venue for you to enjoy!


grand wedding champagne


  1. Fantastic blog, loved reading about your top 5 wedding colours, its been a big help and will give me more ideas for our wedding cufflink designs, thanks for sharing such a great post, regards Matt.


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