Over the summer so far we have covered some exciting venues and some cool themes and ideas- a little too much to cover on our blog.. but one which really excited us was our Mauritius wedding held in Deptford, south east London.

The Ahoy center overlooks the harbor for some fantastic views of the themes.

the ahoy centre
The Ahoy Centre

We met the brides mother whom booked the white Stretch chair covers and tropical green two-tone sashes.

When we arrived to the wedding location on an early Saturday morning to find the room half complete with tables and chairs out and table favours.

The top table had been transformed to a tropical beach paradise with flowers lovely striking colours and luau features

the top table
luau Top table


Sticking with their theme and wonderful culture they gave their guests lovely bags of Mauritian delightful cake.

wedding favors
Wedding Favour organza bags


We did not manage to get a picture of the room before hand which is unfortunate as the transformation of the wedding room amazingly shows how powerful chair covers and sashes work to decorate any wedding venue.

wedding chair covers
Green Organza sashes


As you can see the colours are very striking and powerful- they added a lovely wallpaper to the window which worked well to really create that tropical beach scene.

The sun shined through the room that really added to the tropical atmosphere this warm July morning.

This is the final look of the room

Gorgeous 🙂

wedding chair covers
The Final Look



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