Another series of weddings have been completed this fabulously busy month of September. Earlier in the month saw us accept a lovely sea blue wedding theme that took this week in Kent

The bride had requested an electric bright stunning blue organza colour to use to decorate the chair covers.

This blog is just to demonstrate our colour options of this lovely blue as we have yet to use the vibrant and pretty organza blue- we have had a lot of weddings using the navy blue organza sashes found here: and the blue has been rather popular in both taffeta materials.

We have also had a few sky blue organza weddings which you are more than welcome to click the link and view- otherwise stay here and enjoy  this deep sea organza blue which we finally got to use. So we thought it was paramount to inspire the brides of 2012 with the potential to use such a pretty and electric blue organza sash which brings together such lovely hues and creates a very very pretty atmosphere.


So if your venue is providing you with lovely chair covers but no sashes…look no further than Designer Chair Covers To Go…


navy blue organza sashes



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