This weekend as posted in our earlier blog we have had a mammoth series of weddings and over the next few days I shall be trying to update the blog and clear the huge backlog of articles and wedding inspirations we have discovered from going to the large bumper of venues locations and weddings.

This wedding took place in Hyth in Kent– as you know we cover a variety of locations so Hyth was no exception.

The bride choose a lovely hotel with lovely staff that were very accommodating and friendly.

We cannot stress the importance of chair covers enough- and as you can see from the picture below these brown chairs needed them!

We arrived pretty late on Friday evening to set up the room in preparation for the early Saturday wedding.

The room was prepared for the ceremony so we started to cover 103 chairs with white stretch chair covers and lilac organza sashes.

without chair covers


The room would be ok for a seminar or discussion but certainly not for a wedding! so we got to work

As we came the night before we were unable to see the reception room but the final look of the wedding ceremony looked like:


lilac organza sashes white chair covers


Lilac is a very very pretty colour but we have not had much opportunity to see it in use so we were very excited when we took this booking.

Lilac in my prediction will be a popular trending wedding colour next year- I think the purples such as cadbury has had a long run and its about to be lilac’s turn!

You can quote me on that next year!!

The lilac brightens up the room compliments the decor and beautifies the ceremony! awesome colour choice

So the final look for the wedding……….


lilac organza wedding


So Pretty!


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