Pembroke Lodge has been in the news this week after Eastenders Star Jessie Wallace called off her wedding due to her love rat husband- more on that story here:

But this article is not about the dramatics of the soap star but our lovely couple Samantha that tied the knot last week at the stunning Richmond scenic venue.

We have covered the chairs many times at Richmond but each time we are still wow’d at how beautiful crisp white chair covers can transform and beautify the room.

The room is a bright conservatory room which allows a lot of natural light and on this particular sunny Saturday looked fabulous with the brides choice of silver organza sashes.

The groom stopped by after his morning cycle through Richmond Park with his father and dropped off little M3cdonald Happy meal style wedding favours which looked really cool, they were apparently a surprise- which we thought were adorable.

mc donalds wedding favours

The couple extended thier creativity onto the seating plan which was from another big brand.

easy jet table plan
"Easy Fed" Table Plan cool take on EasyJet

The table plan consisted of a fantastic take on the low cost flying airline EasyJet perfectly named “Easy Fed”- it was a table plan after all!

We did not get to find out the significance of the mc Donald’s and easy jet but surely it must be a close family joke but one we loved!

So Silver has been a popular colour this year and we can see why- its lovely!


silver organza sashes wedding chair covers

If you are thinking of having a silver wedding theme- we have organza silver and two shades of taffeta which provide a lovely strong bow! OUR FAVOURITE!

belveder pembroke lodge

Contact us now for more information on our chair cover hire service.

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