We have an assortment of chair covers for hire for weddings, events, birthdays and parties all of which work to make the room a beautiful place for your guests.

Our linen chair covers are a popular choice for an assortment of weddings with over 60% of our summer weddings using our polyester chair covers this year.

The polyester chair covers are more traditional and come in a variety of sizes to fit a mixture of chairs but it is important to check with the venue that we have the covers that fit- if you are unsure simply send in a picture of the chair so we can see the shape and size.

Stretch chair covers are also available in white and black and have a very attractive appearance covering almost all chairs without arms- Stretch chair covers have a clean and pretty feel they are a good choice if you are unsure of the chairs at the venue or for a super clean look.

The chair covers can be used without a sash, however 99% of weddings use a sash as a way to add colour to the room and compliment the decor and wedding.

To view the most popular colours at weddings this year- have a look at our wedding sash count down featured here..

We have covered weddings in a variety of locations all over London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Croydon, Bromley, central london, Canterbury, north london.. the list continues

It has been an amazing year and we have lots more to come!


white taffeta sash


Organza is the popular sash material with over 70% of weddings however the beautiful prominent taffeta sash is on an increase with weddings.

Our latest sash is the Designer Over the top sash which boasts luxury and uniqueness to any wedding decor.

orange organza sash

More to come on this later!

2011 is drawing to a close and the exciting unknown of 2012 is about to start..

Get in contact for more information on our chair covers, backdrops, candelabras, table name holders, designer products and more!

















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