So it is the start of the Christmas Wedding season and we thought it would be a great idea to post some lovely christmas wedding ideas.

Of course winter wedding colours will involve a lot of whites, reds and greens it is the classic christmas colour- it is derived from snow, father christmas and holly!

So wanting to explore this further following such dramatic success of the purple wedding inspiration theme post, so we have come up with an entire winter wedding inspiration ideas collection.



Of course- Chair covers are a must for any wedding or event- it is a basic need in wedding transformation- without chair covers it is clear you have a conference not a wedding- As you can see below you can see the dramatic transformation.

wedding without chair covers

In this particular wedding we used a white stretch chair cover alongside a pretty ivory and purple organza sash- and as simple as it sounds it does make the wedding- A WEDDING!

If we are attempting to create a winter wedding theme- the easiest way to do this is with the sash- By selecting a white, green or red organza or even taffeta it can automatically create a festive wedding.

white stretch chair covers, red organza sashes, wedding red inspiration
Red Organza Sashes

This was taken from a summer wedding in Bromley in Kent- you can view more from the wedding here but this lovely red can be used to create a very dramatic winter wedding.

red taffeta sash

A simple and easy way to add a splash of red and christmas to the wedding decor would be to simply add a red Taffeta sash with some holly as featured above- With a mini bow- it allows the holly to be the focus of the decoration.


When it comes to red flowers- the most romantic of them all is the ROSE- traditional and beautiful exceptionally beautiful for a wedding

red roses on chair decorations

The flowers are the centrepiece at most weddings and are carried by the  bride, her bridesmaids and used to decorate the ceremony room- having real flowers add elegance, class and life to a room.

Using Red flowers as a centrepiece is a great way to get the theme across and create the perfect Christmas wedding decor.

In this picture- the use of red roses as a runner centrepiece is great for the long banqueting table- a modern and contemporary idea for a wedding layout than the traditional round tables.

It looks pretty and encourages conversation with guests.

red runner flowers

Common list of red flowers include

Anthuriums, Gerberas, Freesias, Tulips, Alstroemeria, Roses

These are all romantic, dramatic and pretty wedding flowers ideal for a Christmas wedding theme!

Anthuriums wedding ideas flowers red


gerbera red wedding


Of course the classic white cannot be missed- Christmas and winter has associations with snow, white, clean and so we thought white tulips would be a lovely wedding flower as well

White Tulips




Wedding Cakes

With winter wedding cakes you can be as creative as you like- so we have found some lovely cakes that have christmas themes.

It is possible to turn any cake christmassy with some handy tools and ideas such as snowflakes or acorns as seen in the photos below.

winter cake ideas

It is possible to adapt a regular cakes and turn it into something special- with crystal snow flakes this is achievable- as demonstrated on the cake above-

winter acon cake
Acorn Cake

round cake top winter


Random Christmas and Winter Wedding Accents

Every bride is different and a common feature we see at weddings is each bride wanting to have a unique additions so we posted our favourite unique wedding add ons which you can consider for your wedding..

winter wedding favours
winter wedding favours

Simply add some festive seeds to the favour box for a very unique and Christmas winter wedding accents! LOVELY!! be as creative as possible for ultimate unique feel

festive wedding table ideas
Festive candle

We loved the festive candles- simple and easy to make with some tinsel and matching and complimentary candles.

Effect of uplighters

In this luxurious wedding- the use of internal trees completely create a cool winter effect- alongside blue uplighters which create the dramatic ambiance- a lovely aisle to walk down to meet your fiance. EXCITING!


Unbelievable amounts of choice in all forms that you can add to your table with different centrepieces and wedding accents- the room ambiance can completely change with the choices you make, so make a statement and make it look great!

Pick and choose your favourite bits..


  1. everyone often gets sooo caught up with summer weddings that they dont realise the potential winter weddings have- excellent article

  2. […] 1. Chair Covers: Usually you get 2 coverings for a chair: the chair cover itself and the lining around it. To get this look, I’d suggest using the standard white chair cover and adding the second piece with a twist: roll it up to make it thinner – about 2-3 inches (usually they are about 7 inches in width) and then add some holly. Another twist to this could be to let ornaments like in the picture dangle as opposed to the holly – your choice. For a full picture, click here. […]


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