Over the summer we have had the fortune to decorate an unprecedented number of weddings across London, Kent and surrounding M25 Areas and we have seen some incredible venues, locations and have been apart of some very dramatic transformations. One common trend that we love to experiment with is the Martini Vase. These tall glorious centrepieces are regal elegant and very striking plus they have the advantage of being incredibly versatile to meet all sorts of bridal needs and creativity.

We have compiled a quick list of possible ideas we can create with our martini vases.

5. Fruit Display Martini vases

During this year when we exhibitied at a wedding show we got some fresh ideas from the ladies that came by to talk to us and she claimed she wanted a fruit display with oranges as her centrepiece as they are natural and add a very bright unique style to the table. Her theme was chocolate brown and orange. Oranges are not the only fruit to choose there is a natural plethora that can be adopted. What do you think?

martini vase oranges idea fruit

4.The Multi Height Martini centrepiece sensation

This consists of three or two and sometimes more martini vases on each table of variety of heights.

Each martini vase can have a similar contents or a variety that mix in the wedding theme colours.

In this particular picture coloured led lit lights have been added to the pink colour to create a very fun and bright wedding centerpiece.

These are smaller martini vases but you can also have three sizes that are taller and more dramatic.

The options are endless. The addition of a candle is great for adding a more romantic ambiance and a soft scent to the room if you choose scented candles.

With or without candles this option is very popular and has a great effect as a centrepiece.

martini vases

3. Candle Martini Vase ideas

Candles at wedding are very popular as they are intimate romantic and pretty everything you should want in a wedding- so why not combine both in this lovely centerpiece.

A simple floating candle plus either plain or coloured water can bring togther the stunning martini vase and candle option as well as integrating your unique colour scheme.

floating candle wedding ideas martini vase

2. Sweetie Martini Vase Centrepiece

Since launching our Sweetdisplay.com website for the sweet buffet enthusasts we have had the opportunity to present candy centrepieces for brides wanting to have a fun and youthful wedding. These have become very popular in American and Britain due to its contemporary unstuffy appearance.

The options of sweets are unlimited and this means you are free to get as creative as possible with colour and design and like Haribo claims “kids and gown ups love them so”


1. Floristry

With the huge range of flowers in and around the world using fresh or artificial flowers to decorate your wedding and martini vase is the most popular option- choosing a tall 70cm martini vase will give your flowers the justice they deserve!

With the flowers you can go as grand or as dainty as you please and they always look beautiful.

You can also mix in the led lights to create a bright ambiance underneath the flowers which also looks fab.

martini vase ideas

We can help you to achieve any of these ideas with our Martini vase hire collection- for more information send us an email or check out our main website



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