We have catered for quite a few weddings at the Lovely Golf course Selsdon Park located just south of Croydon- if you want to see some of our work simply search in the toolbar for Selsdon Park. The stunning award winning grounds which are a golfers paradise and also double up to make a great location for a wedding ceremony and even better for your photographer. This particular wedding occurred near the end of the year whereby we had a huge swarm of winter weddings unfold in the last stages of 2011- it seems to be a growing trend.

The venue is bright and has several bright rooms for couples to choose to seal the knot and this particular bride opted for the largest for their family and friends.

This year has also seen a wave of certain colours that have been the most popular- (make sure you check out our article on the most popular colours if your still at a loss for your own colours) The cadbury purple started off very strong for the start to the middle of the year but trailed off near the end for colours like burgundy and gold- however we still love the striking colour!

wedding chair covers before

When we arrived to set up this venue- the room, as you can see is very grand and neutral ideal for any colour that a bride wants to have.

The chairs are the small flat top and are perfect for our polyester chair covers or our stretch chair covers- both of which fit perfectly to cover the read unloving chairs!


This particular bride had simple wedding favours opting for a matching cadbury puple box with the traditional wedding almonds inside. Yum!

Its classic simple and pretty.

This particular bride also opted for our polyester chair covers and the organza sash.

The final look – was – simply beautiful!

Its amazing what CHAIR COVERS can do!

wedding chair covers



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