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A few weeks ago we received a phone call from a Sydenham High School as they were having their 120 years celebration since the school started. They had wanted to make this particular evening special for the schools theatre production of Beauty and the Beast and with that came the decor of the dining hall for their guests on opening night.

The lovely production manager at the school requested some simple decorations for the room to make it a bit more exciting so we got to work.

The dining hall would become a drinks and canopy reception so no chairs allowed! so we used our 5 arm silver candelabras as this worked very well for the traditional Beauty and The Beast theme.

As the school is very focused on safety it is paramount we used our artificial candles which work beautifully well for ambiance without the fire aspect! Its useful since guests are walking around the tables eating canapés so if your looking for something similar then do get in touch-

Candelabras are great for parties, weddings, celebrations, award ceremonies they have a great use for creating a regal effect and in such a grand room like this it works wonderfully well.

Alongside the candelabras we added our uplighters to create more of an atmosphere and  used the purple / blue colour to add some warm the room.

We also used our lighted entrance drapes to create a more dramatic corridor for the guests on first entrance to the hall.

wedding draping

As you can see we turned this event round to be something that will go down in history, no doubt it was a success.

Our candelabras are avalible for hire in and around London and Kent

as well as our

Lighted backdrops

Entrance draping and uplighters.

We have a lot of beautfication objects here at designer and we would love to hear from you to see how we could transform your event.



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