Of course the new year has begun and the latest round of brides are in our offices- and we love it!

New ideas, new schemes and new colours are all on the table alongside more items and fresh products brought to you by us.

This wedding had been on the table for over a year and it finally came to pass this February in a lovely warm venue in Hertford, Ponsbourn Park.

We arrived in the morning to setup the main room for the ceremony, the chairs are the round top medium sized chairs which fit most of our chair covers from the Designer Patterned chair covers, the rippled chair covers, the very popular stretch lycra chair covers and the polyester covers as featured in this wedding.

The before picture is very nice but once again its nice but not really a wedding! so thats where we come in.

chair covers without covers before wedding


The venue is very popular over the summer months very bright perfect for pictures.

pink and purple flowers for wedding

The bride had a purple wedding theme, as we have posted on several occasions a very popular colour for most. We have a lot of shades of purple so we initially had a meeting with her to discuss which shade she would prefer, she then showed us her flower arrangement which we managed to match with our aubergine purple.


Meeting at the wedding show she had originally seen our double sash which is a unique option found at Designer Chair Covers To Go, which seeks to combine two sashes to bring together two colour schemes. This unique style of ours is becoming more popular with most brides this year and we shall attempt to blog about any new colour combinations we get to help you decide!

Anyway, back to the chairs.

Our bride went for a black taffeta sash and the aubergine purple organza sash featured below!

Black wedding themes have been a popular option for the brides that want something chic and different, especially with a taffeta sash which has a more prominant bow than the organza sash. The black taffeta looks very elegant against a crisp white chair cover.

black taffeta sash

This is the work in progress photograph which shows how chair covers can instantly transform a room to begin with a blank canvas to start incorporating your colour scheme!

Double sashes take extra time to complete so please bare this in mind when booking with us but with the end result it makes it worth it!

unique wedding sashes

The double sash looks very chic elegant and unique for the bride that wants a reception that looks different.

Whilst setting up for this wedding a lot of the guests from America and Europe came to see the process of the room and all complimented on the colour scheme and the way it made such a difference.

We believe the double sash will be the NEXT BIG THING!

The bride also opted for a silver and black sash for the bride and grooms chair to differentiate from the other covers in the room, this colour combo is also very elegant and as you can see from the picture looks very chic!

We positioned these chairs on either side of the aisle and they would later be moved over to the reception dinner for the bride and groom after the ceremony.

The layout of the wedding breakfast was simple and pretty focussing on sparkles and purple- she chose floating candles in the shape of a rose which when lit would add a pretty ambience in the room as well as being very cost effective and pretty.

table setting floating candle

We have fish bowls which can be used for a pleathora of ideas from floating candles to flower arrangements.

fish bowl floating candles

The final look of the wedding cermony looked like this-


purple and black wedding theme



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