Since the update of the new website we have been trying to get round to uploading some new photographs of the fabulous organza and taffeta colours we have at the moment. Its taken a while and we thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of our favourite sashes this week.

As we have over 50 different colours – to break it into chunks we have started with the Taffeta colours.

Taffeta, as you probably know is my favourite sash- it lends itself perfectly to a black chair cover due to its striking prominence and beauty. So having a quick look through I selected some of the sashes I would like on this weeks Favourite colour post.

These colours are very bright bold and fun and would be perfect for any wedding, party, bar mitzvah or Celebration alongside a white or black chair cover.


Silver Taffeta sash

silver taffeta sashes

With silver there is so much to work with- you can easily have a very luxury sparkle wedding with diamonds and crystals which will all look very blingy and glamourous-

We have a selection of crystal centrepieces and candelabras which will works well with a silver taffeta sash.

Its always a good idea to choose a standard colour as you may find it a bit hard to match everything together we have two types of silver sash this lighter pewter and a darker metallic silver.

Baby pink

baby pink taffeta sash

We believe there will be a strong return to the baby pink colours in 2013 – just like fashion the wedding colours tends to go in cycles and the pinks weddings have been a little thin at the moment so we feel its about time the traditional fairytale colours took its place back on top of the wedding hierarchy. Today we tied the taffeta sash in a special knot. It is just one of the many luxuries of taffeta sashes.

Lilac Taffeta

lilac taffeta sash

We all know purple is currently on top form- but the lilacs seem to be on the return as well- this subtle yet pretty shade of lilac we just love!

Its fresh it looks fantastic on the back of a black stretch chair cover- why not find out more today!

Dark purple

dark purple taffeta sash

This is a unusual colour hard to place- so we have named it the very creative name of dark purple! Its a very deep luxurious colour for those parties or events that want something stunning and different. The two tone ability of the sash means it compliments well with an assortment of colours and really creates a pretty look. As shown here we have used a simple cravat style bow which looks elegant and sophisticated.

If you are looking for sashes to hire or purchase simply get in contact with us today- we love hearing from you!


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