After such epic success of our purple wedding themes article which we wrote almost a year ago to this date we thought it would be great to come back with another colour that we are finding to be very popular at this years wedding shows and from speaking to 2012 brides.

Which we would like to say this years colour is TEAL


The decor is one of the obvious ways of starting out with a theme and colouring. Your guests walk into the room and can see the theme straight away. When choosing a colour like teal, which is clearly a bold, pretty, fresh and bright colour, it has the potential to come across really stunningly when all the parts of the decor come together. Favours, invitations chair covers, sashes and more!

As we have said on our blog time and time again, for weddings the easiest way to begin with transforming a room with decorations and working with a theme is to start with a basic white chair cover. Stretch, or Linen they both have a gorgeous effect on the room when tied with a pretty organza or bold taffeta sash. The white chair cover brings in a very elegant starting point before you begin choosing your colour.

teal wedding chair covers


I have always loved taffeta sashes, due to the prominence and also due to the fact most weddings do not have them- they are prominent pretty and rather unique and all reasons why I love taffeta for chair ties.

teal satin sash wedding chair cover theme

 The teal Taffeta sash is a very summery fresh colour and comes across really vibrant that tends to always leaves guests wanting more!

teal and chocolate wedding theme

Anyway onwards to flowers!


Teal flowers are extremely rare- its such an exclusive colour that nature did not make many flowers that shade of blue! but there are options-

Artificial flowers!

Artificial flowers have been given a bad name- and its odd to know why because most people have select layers of artificial cake so why not have artificial flowers and if you can get a fantastic looking bouquet that looks incredibly real who is to know the difference- it is less wasteful and certainly allows you to pick any colour under the sun.

teal bridal flowers

 If you do not want artificial flowers then there are ways of incorporating the teal into the bouquet with the use of ribbons, foliage and lots of other floral making bits and bobs.

Hits of teal work just as well as a full complete bouquet of teal- it is cost effective and still gets across your colour theme without breaking the laws of nature!

teal floral arrangement

Table Decor

Table decorations are a very personal choice area- with so many options to choose from it certainly shows a couples ideas when you enter a wedding.

With teal you can get as bold and as bright as you like- from simple accents of teal from a table runner that runs down the middle of the table to a teal table linen which really does add a lot of colour to the room.

Both options are again up to the bride and groom’s personal preference.

teal runners

Working in the wedding industry in Britain I do tend to see more safer options with white linen but it would be awesome to see someone take a risk with bright teal table cloths!

In the picture below- it is very fresh and lovely and they have not gone overboard with the teal as it is only featured in the table cloths and random hints around the room.


teal wedding theme

To have even less hints of teal for the sit down reception would be to have ribbons placed on the chairs- again it still gets the point across to guests in a very understated and chic way.

hints of teal wedding

Wedding Cakes

We get a lot of people clicking on our blog due to the posts on cakes and so we know wedding cakes are a favourite search term for brides from all over the world. Everyone loves cakes from the simple cupcake which has come back into fashion due to its handy and nifty take away ability to the traditional stacked ten tier cake which will always be popular with the brides. We have gone through the pictures online to find some of the greatest cake creations in teal for you to enjoy!


cupcake teal

Teal and chocolate has been a very popular combo in general for all weddings and you can see how well the colours work together on both cakes (cupcake form and standing form)

Makes me hungry!

chocolate teal

teal layer cake with choclate and flowers

Once again- if you did not want an entire teal cake you can add hints of teal with a ribbon or choose select layers of the cake to be teal! Oh the options!

teal cake ribbon and teal organza sahes and chair covers

Finishing touches

So with teal the amount you choose to incorporate into the wedding theme is completely up to you- you can get as wild or as subtle as you like- it tends to always come together really well especially when all the parts come together on the day. So these final ideas are a few things we thought of for those thinking of having a teal wedding and some other ideas to consider.

teal bridesmaids dresses

Such as- Dressing the bridesmaids in teal with a clear subtle bouquet with tine hints of bluebells avoids the problem you may have with artificial flowers- it is a striking contrast of the white/ivory with the teal dresses and creates a really calming feel and look.

teal tie wedding stiped

The groomsmen are very easy to colour in teal- a teal hankie, a teal tie, or bow can often do the trick if you did not want to go for the bright waistcoat.

Chinese lanterns are very popular in American weddings and blogs its still yet to come over here and become standard- but I think its something that is likely to come over in due course as its really simple yet effective way to add homely lighting and style to the decor

teal blue chines lamps

You can never go wrong with harmless uplighters which create drama ambiance and atmosphere.

teal lighting

teal wedding shoes idea

Once again there is so much choice when it comes to planning a wedding- it can become confusing and rather hard to get everything finished but remember it always comes together on the day- We can assist providing you with the decor help and inspiration to help the day look as pretty as the bride.

View the main website to see how we can help you create a teal inspired wedding!


  1. These ideas are great! Teal is my favorite color and I was actually having trouble thinking of ways to incorporate this color into our wedding. Thanks for the inspiration and great tips!

  2. Nice post! All chairs looks amazing. If wedding chair covers are used, trimmings are added, or the two are combined, the results when you decorate your venue chairs will be fantastic.

  3. Wedding chair covers add lots of interest to the wedding venue by making it looks more attractive and eye-catching. Even if they cost you few extra bucks they are worth the investment and these are also not that expensive.


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