Last Month, exactly a year later we returned to the London Golf Club to provide our stretch chair covers and Starlight backdrop for a wonderful bride we met back in January. The reason was once again to create a pretty ceremony room which covers the far back wall from drab making it a pretty wedding scene.

Last year we created a video showcasing this- the video is located below..

[vsw id=”Y0mFk9p6IXM&hd=1″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


The bride opted for our white stretch chair covers alongside an organza lilac purple sash which looked VERY PRETTY in the room located upstairs in the clubhouse. Last year the weather was absolutely stunning but today, as we all know the weather has no where near matched up. The day remained dry yet rather dull but on the beautiful grounds that is London Golf Club- its hard to be put off!

The sashes looked like this!


lilac organza sashes purple

We added a 7m wide starlight white backdrop to cover the tv as featured in the video.

This added a pretty backdrop for the photographs whilst the couple said their vowels- absolutely stunning choice for a wedding ceremony.

london chair covers

As you can see the London golf club have very large square ugly chairs that NEED the chair covers so we got to work!

The florist provided Gerbers for the ceremony signing table- a little feature which added some colour into the room and maintained the theme!

Gerbers wedding top table

The white Gerbers were great as they matched the chair covers whilst we provided an organza sash to be cut into the mini cube vase to remain consistent with the purple that was carried through the wedding.

This idea was consistant for the Martini Vase centrepieces as featured in the image below!

Martini Vase gerbers wedding flowers

The floral arrangement was fabulous in the reception room due to its beautiful high ceilings, I hadn’t noticed the Muriel on our previous visit however it really added character to the room which I had not noticed on my first visit.

The Tall height of the martini vase was a great choice in the room. I also thought this photograph was simply EPIC! the lighting is great..don’t you agree?!

martini vase floral arrangement gerbers white lilac

The Florist also put mini fish bowls onto the martini Vase with gerber flower heads and lilac organza sashes.

gerbers wedding

As mentioned before- we are able to hire out our Martini Vases -dry hire- which will be solely the vase whilst we can provide floral arrangements with the florist.

Featured in the image is the table name holders- which we also have for hire on the main website.

gerber wedding flowers

This here is the final look of the wedding reception room- the height of the Martini Vases are 70cm which is great for conversations between your guests and creates enough height for drama and stunning atmostphere..What do you think..

As you can see the chairs with the chair covers have not been placed into the room as the staff will move them over from the cereomony.

martini vases centrepieces flowers

The Final look of the Wedding ceremony room is as follows-

Very Pretty subtle and Gorgeous..

The starlight backdrop glows elegantly at the far end of the room creating a very soft wedding ceremony room-

Very nice and available for hire today!

starlight backdrop wedding london


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