We received a call from one of the students from Cambridge University after their ex chair cover company let them down for their taffeta sashes- so we were more than happy to step in to assist in providing our services for their exciting leavers ball.

The university went all out this year with a full production of a hog roast, bumper cars, shisha, massages, live band, a full three course meal and lots more exciting bits and pieces around the evening of festivities.

menu for party

We provided our range of taffeta sashes to cator to their colour scheme based rooms.

We used our Fire engine red sashes for the red room- which had red napkins, red flame affect.

The room on entrance looked like this:

cambridge university

A long banqueting table which looks “NICE” but not as striking without the sashes as you can see!

These particular chairs have arms which makes it very difficult for chair covers but for this fun student event sash alone is sufficient to create the dramatic look they required.red taffeta sashes

The room also featured cold fire which was a great addition to the room and created a great atmosphere for the evening meal.

fake fire

The next room to be transformed is the main hall which was the blue and white theme- we used cornflower blue taffeta sashes with white taffeta sashes alternating.

Incredibly striking, and pretty don’t you think!

Taffeta sashes are prominent when tied in a over flap knot or bow (which we did here).

Taffeta sashes look great with chair covers for weddings or parties- and on black chair covers even more striking!

We love Taffeta here and from the pictures you can see why!

blue and white taffeta sashes

Similar to the red room, the table had matching blue and white napkins to complete the themed look.

Balloons also added the theme colours to the room- it looked great!

When compared to the before picture you can see just how Fab these Sashes are and how they transform the room.

chairs cambridge univeristy

HEre are some other exciting features from the event at the university.

bumper cars

The Students really know how to party with the fun and games finishing at 5am the following day- with lots to do and eat including three large hogs.

hog roast

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