We receive a multitude of emails from brides and grooms that request ideas on how we can decorate their ‘runway’ for their special day.
So we have put together some steps and inspirational ideas of how we can assist in decorating your ceremony room. This can be in a church wedding, a hotel wedding, a registry office wedding, religious wedding non religious wedding, outdoor wedding and so forth- simply modify where necessary. All options are possible so let’s get cracking.

1) Runners

The most obvious way to instantly add something special to the wedding ceremony is to hire an aisle runner.


An aisle runner is a long carpet, often red which will span the length of the aisle that the bridal party will be walking down. The specially created carpet can be used both outside and inside for the bride and groom. It has a rapid transforming effect on the room instantaneously making the journey for the bride to be a pretty one. Red carpets are often put out for celebrities so why cant the be used for your special day?
There is no written rule that the carpet needs to be red either! We have had requests for ivory carpets or white carpets and even blue carpets.. So the creativity needn’t stop at red.
For those that would like to get a bit personal.. Why not create a personalised aisle runner ?

Makes it that extra bit special… Create it with your own unique initials for your day.


2) Flowers ..

Flowers are a big thing when it comes to weddings, from bridal bouquet, the grooms button holes, the room decorations, the flower girls petals and more.. Flowers can create a beautiful impact in the room, not to mention adding a fresh floral scent which can make your guests smile in glee (or sneeze with hay fever).

petals runner wedding decorations
The flower route when decorating the wedding ceremony can include a border of flower petals that line the central aisle where the bride and groom will be walking. If you choose not to have a runner why not create one out of Pretty petals.. Or if you want it to be really nice why not have both.flower pedestal wedding ceremony

It’s also possible to get large pedestals to be at the end of the aisle with a large bouquet of flowers that can really create an interesting piece to look at during the ceremony.. The flowers can then be transferred to the reception for double the use.

flowers wedding ceremony aisle runner
The great thing about flowers is the variety so the options in what you can create is endless..



3) Chair covers and Sashes

Yes .. This was a no brainer, We HAVE to suggest chair covers and sashes, after all we are a wedding styling company and 95% of weddings we cator for have chair covers. The stats do not lie.. Chair covers instantly hide grotesque banqueting chairs making everything uniform and pretty for your guests when they arrive. Add a splash of colour with sashes and there are a huge range of sashes you can use from organza to taffeta to lace.. The options are endless which means there is no excuse not to have a beautiful room.
If you have not seen already from our enormous blog of weddings we have done over the years you’ll see how chair covers create such a beautiful room.

pembroke lodge silver sashes

4) Props

Props are large topic so we shall only suggest a few ideas to help you on your creative journey…
Items such as large standing candelabras can really create a wowing effect on your guests.. If your aisle is wide enough why not have them line the walkway.. If not put them at either end of the registrars desk.. Imagine having an evening wedding ceremony ..with lit large candelabras it would look majestic and very romantic.
Other options would be with the crystal globes.. The taller 100cm heights can be used to line the walkway.. Also lit can create a rather dramatic ambiance if having an evening wedding.
Grecian pillars and statues can add elements of history and romance to the room.

Mirror Pedestals can be used alongside the flowers to create an eye catching display at the front of the aisle.. so as said the options are endless.

mirror pedestals wedding ceremony ideas

5) Backdrops.

A soft twinkle starlight backdrop is another option to consider for a bland room during your ceremony it instantly lifts the mood up creating something really romantic for you to say “I do”
The first kiss will be one of the most photographed images you’ll get so it makes sense to ensure the space behind you is as elegant as you are.. Starlight backdrops can come in different designs from the elegant and beautiful Grecian backdrop to the pretty lit lighted backdrop.


backdrops wedding ceremony



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