Wedding chair covers at the IOD.

During one of the hottest days this year, (perhaps the only hot day this year!), we provided our our linen chair covers to a very lovely bride for her big dat at the Institue of Directors at Pall Mall.

The Room at the IOD, is a high ceiling, opulent and impressive ambiance when entering, even when empty so no doubt our bride wanted the decor to match the feel of the room. With this in mind she considered a luxurious taffeta sash opting for a dusky gold taffeta with our large diamond buckle to fit in with the impressive ambiance of the room.

The Dusky Gold taffeta, a popular choice for a range of weddings this year was chosen as it complimented the decor within the room perfectly alongside her pale yellow flowers and little favours which elegantly created the complete wedding theme around the room.

As usual the Designer Chair Covers To Go team arrived bright and early to begin work transforming the majestic room.

Within this particular venue they carry the large round top banquet chairs so perfect for our Stretch chair covers or our Polyester Chair covers.

The particular setting for this wedding was a bit different to the traditional round table wedding we attend most days, so it was nice to see a bit of variation.

The top table consisted of a long banquet table to seat 15 people and on the ends of this other banqueting tables were added to create a large U shape wedding seating plan- which proved great for conversation, intimacy and it creates an entire different dynamic in the room for the wedding.

Guests are face to face with one an other so can divulge in a more interesting conversation versus the traditional hard to hear across the table conversation.

iod wedding chair covers

Centrepieces included large 100cm candelabras and conical vases which were filled with bright yellow roses and tulips alongside a plethora of greenery and delight! Very impressive in the high ceiling room.

We have a wide selection of centrepieces here at the Designer Chair Covers To Go HQ, including the lovely candelabras and glass conical vases.

bright yellow wedding flowers

Table favours included luxury gold boxes tied with ribbon, whilst  table place names were personalised photo frames with images of the couple at various locations at specific moments in their lives which meant something to the person. We love unique items at weddings and no doubt each guest will ensure they take home their place setting after this wedding.. Click on the image to get a closer look!

gold wedding favour ideas boxes photo frame

So- as you can see this brightly coloured summer wedding had the perfect mix of yellows and greens through tiny touches and the grand centrepieces.

Our chair covers with the taffeta sash and our large diamante buckle added a real elegance to the room.

The buckles really helped to add to the grandness without detracting from the beautiful elegance in the room.

It is a unique choice and another idea which can help to create your wedding something special..

buckles for wedding chair covers

So the final look:

weddings at the iod

White chair covers,

Dusky Gold Taffeta Sashes

Large buckles

Silver Candelabras

All items which can be found on our main website at


Another happy bride!




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