This summer we had the pleasure of visiting the Roof Gardens in Kensington a multitude of times to assist in the decorations of our items from chair covers, to our centrepieces and on one occasion our backdrops. The venue lends its self to our beautiful crystal range and the elegant white chair covers and coordinating sash.

On this particular featured wedding the bride went for white chair cover  with a bright opulent gold organza sash alongside our large round mirror plates and crystal globes. Perfect for the warm summers day.

When we arrived for this wedding it was during the week whereby it was incredibly sunny and a mini heat wave had cast a warm glow over London. Perfect for an outdoor wedding.

The team set to work setting up the white chair covers- creating a pretty blank white canvas to work with for the reception.. as you can see having a simple white chair cover alone also creates a lovely option for those brides or grooms that are not too fond of bows. It is a very sleek look which is open to any colour additions the couple may want to add.

the roof gardens wedding
The room prior to sashes and with centrepieces

The globes look stunning in the sun and with the large votive candle which will be lit prior to the dinner to make the garden atmospheric and dramatic. Ideal for when the night drew in and the dinner was served.


We got to work tying the sashes and polishing the final touches.

Majestic gardens

The roof gardens is one of our favourite venues due to its incredible way of creating a feeling as though you are not right in the middle of a city but instead a secret garden. Entrance to the roof top is through a set of lifts that transports your guests to the mystical arena of pure elegant bliss and WE LOVE IT.

Each and every time we attend the grounds..we still enjoy the wooshing sound of reaching 7th floor and silence or the gardens as well as the pretty pink flamingos.

roof gardens flamingo


The bride went for a matching seating plan opting for the gold band and a diamond table plan ideas

So the final look…

roof gardens wedding decorations idea


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