Over the course of the incredibly busy summer we provided our white chair covers, sage green organza sashes and our starlight backdrop for a lovely couple we met back in 2011. The wedding held in North London was for 130 of the bride and grooms nearest and dearest.

Sage green has been a very popular colour this year, likely due to the fact a lot of floral arrangements come with greenery so it can be very easy to find other items to mix and match together. Sage green has to be one of our favourite colours this year also. Its pretty without being too over the top, its a subtle colour which compliments well with most.


Finding bridesmaids dresses.. EASY! Table Favours…EASY, cake ribbons.. EASY. Its a great colour for all these reasons.

We meet many brides that often go for very “unique hues” and they always say it becomes a pain when trying to match the colour with shoes or table decor, so we found colours like sage green to be a great colour to go for if you want seamless matching of colour.

So a bit more about the wedding..

We arrived in the morning at wedding number 3 on a Friday morning in August and we arrived to find the early stages of wedding preparations which looked something like this..

before wedding chair covers

If you are one of our followers to our blog you will note our absolute love and passion for chair covers at weddings , events or parties. We believe it is paramount for the overal decoration and finish for a wedding.. and its not only because we are decoration professionals.. It is because we have seen the transformation take place thousands of times.. IT ALWAYS WORKS!

Anyhoo- back to the wedding..

The sash in questions is the lovely sage green:

sage green organza sash

The bride went for a very fresh pretty arrangement full of greens, pinks and more..

The flowers were on a low platter in the centre of the table, we found this to be perfect, there are two schools of thought when it comes to wedding table centres.

bright green and pink floral arrangement wedding

Go high or Go low!

The higher the centrepiece the better it is for your guests, it avoids big blockages enabling guests to happily chat without a huge floral arrangement disturbing the flow of conversation, or go low- centrepieces around 40cm in height still create a lovely decor..again without preventing conversations. All our centrepieces are either HIGH OR Low to avoid these dinner faux pas!

The top table, a focal point for any wedding the table for the bride and groom..

We get a lot of queries from brides wanting to decorate their top tables, (to see other ideas use the search feature top table to find out other wedding ideas) This particular bride went the floral route creating a a beautiful floral arrangements of a huge selection of flowers.

We provided our large Starlight Backdrop,  which was used to cover the brown panels behind the couple. It really helped in making the room a lot softer and for the night party a stage for the couple to share their first romantic dance and for the guests to dance in front of.

The starlight backdrop is great because it doubles up in uses- covering ugly walls, creating a romantic ambiance in the room during the meal and a dancing screen for the night party.. it really is a great idea for any wedding reception.

starlight backdrop wedding

Earlier in the year we nominated this particular wedding the winner of ‘The cake of the week” and this was the cake, very simple and elegant with the hints of the green.. LOVELY

So the final look was achived with:

White Stretch chair covers

Sage green organza sashes

White starlight backdrop

For more information- do feel free to find the main website for our work or send us an email through..


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