Candelabra Hire In Mayfair

This Halloween, we assisted in helping a multitude of Halloween office parties pull of a scary and memorable celebratory parties through the use of our Grand 100cm Silver Candelabras.

For this particular scary event our candelabras were placed all around the room alongside scary spider webs and sculls and other exciting Halloween trickery and decor.

Candelabras have the brilliance of being very adaptable for something very light and bright like a wedding or something dark and ghoulish like a Scary themed party.

They look brilliant in both settings.

The Chesterfield hotel in Mayfair was home to one of the fabulous Halloween party which we had the pleasure of decorating.

chesterfeild hotel in londonThe quant hotel provided a lovely dining experience for over 100 guests that evening. With a led dancefloor at the centre of the room and lots of games and fun the Hotel was the perfect location for this office party.

chesterfield hotel mayfair

The grand candelabra stands at 100cm in height which is perfect for those venues with very beautiful high ceilings.

We also have Artificial Candles which works amazingly well if your venue does not allow real candle flames.

These are an excellent option to generate the same effect with out the danger.


candelabra hire halloween tall scary decorations

We hire our candelabras our for weddings, parties, events, home celebrations they are very versatile and always are a crowd pleaser with the guests..

Add in flowers or don’t the options are endless and up to you.

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