Easel Hire

Easel hire : They are great for wedding table plans, party directions, presentations and more..

Easels are sometimes overlooked and forgotten about, however they are very important- if you spend time creating a table plan designing it to fit your theme then you need something to put it on and that is where hiring an easel comes in handy.

Our Easels have been very popular this year for a plethora of events and weddings, our clients have included Google.co.uk, Stylist magazine, Eon Energy and many more.

eon energy

stylist magazine

google logowhite easel small

We have two styles of easels for weddings and events- the more traditioanl easel which is white and A Frame base or our gold vintage easel.

Easels can be hired in and around London and Kent Areas.

For more information view the main website located at

Designer Chair Covers To Go

gold easel hire


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