We are proud to announce we can provide room draping for weddings and events.

Ugly walls can be covered with our sheer and soft draping material that we can erect fully around the room or at certain points that you would like covered.

What is draping?

Draping in weddings and events is an often easier way to instantly soften and beautify a room with bad, ugly and odd coloured walls or features. Large objects or unattractive settings can be covered magically and hidden from view with a soft elegant sheer material that looks romantic and very beautiful without paint or too much work on your behalf.

One particular wedding we decorated this summer in the centre of london- a very modern venue which provided a unique space for 250 seated guests however the room also had a few, not-so-pretty serving hatches as the hotel used the space as a restaurant for breakfast and lunch bistro. Yes they are fine for lunch just not such a wedding feel when used for a reception.

So we got to work!

Our bride wanted the hatches to disappear and as if by magic we were able to provide our soft draping to cover the hatches which not only transformed the room but made it a lot more attractive, calmer and prettier to be in for the remainder of the evening during the 4 course meal, dance and remainder of the night.

Wedding curtains or backdrops are typically used behind the top table but if the remainder of the room is still unattractive  why not completely cover the entire room.

Adding some lighting to the base of the curtains also adds a certain element of to the drama of the curtain creating more atmosphere and warmth to the room.

Purple uplighting is always a favourite of ours as its groovy, dramtic and has maximum impact.

At the moment we are able to cover heights of up to 4m in height with our specialist draping which is fantastic for very high ceilings and walls. Smaller heights can also be covered and draped.

Other ways of adding draping to a room is to incorporate entrance draping which welcomes guests as they arrive to your reception room. Carefully opened as they arrive into the room.

Its a lovely option to add more sophistication and beauty even before your guests enter the sit down meal. Also great if you want to add the “big reveal” effect to your guests.

For more information on room draping and how we can create a special event for your day..

Be sure to contact the office or email us


– The Designer Chair Covers To Go Team!



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