Brandy Gets Engaged !

R&B princess Brandy Norwood (aged 33)  has finally released photographs of her exciting news of her engagement to the world with a tweet pic. Her finance Ryan Press gave her a gorgeous ring which she posed alongside whilst on holiday in Hawaii over the Christmas period instagramming all of her exciting movements whilst on the beach.

The image which she captioned with “Repost @ryanpress215! #hawaii #love #forever,” shows how excited she is with the news and Ryan also reposted the same image.
brandy engaged with fiance

This is Brandy’s first engagement ring and marriage, yes there have been stories in the past about her pretend fiance Robert Smith, but Brandy now informs us that these were only stories made up to give the illusion of being a role model and not wanting to be criticised for having her daughter out of marriage!

So Brandy must be extra excited for a real wedding which looks to be in 2013

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ONce she books her venue we will let you know what else she plans for decor!!



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