Chair covers: white stretch

Sash: Gold organza

We have had the opportunity to decorate a few church weddings this year, most times we provide our mirror cubes or pedestals to the church however there have been a few occasions whereby our chair covers have been used to complete the wow effect when guests walk in.

mirror pedestals wedding ceremony ideas

For this particular wedding held at St. Johns near Marble arch, the very majestic and grand church was perfect for a big celebration and we provided 300 chair covers for the folding chairs at the church.

As the church was very neutral coloured so most colour schemes would have worked well with the bridal colour scheme and the church.

chair covers wedding

Picking our gold organza was a great choice to create a romantic feel in the church, it also appears as though modern churches are now opting for chairs from the older pews that used to be very common at churches.

church wedding london classic st john

We cater for weddings events big and small from the minor details to the large exciting parts..

Why not get in touch today to see how we can help to decorate your ceremony.

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