Today we talk wedding backdrops..

Wedding backdrops are one of our favourite and frequently used choices for the big day and specifically the top table, on occasion couples have chosen to double up for the cake table, but really, the decoration in the room is ultimately facing this focal point in the wedding reception room so its important to make it count.

One of our weddings a few weeks ago, we happened to get this snapshot from of the guests that attended the wedding.

It was a lovely wedding at the Millennium Hotel in Kensington, a favourite of ours actually, the reception was held in the conservatory a bright room at the top of the hotel and a lovely one at that!

More to come on that wedding soon! however we love to post photos and this is the instagram photo of the delightful evening.

This particular couple had two backdrops one for the band and the other for the top table.

WHY NOT!! it looked great!


Alongside a Black LED Dancefloor with black chair covers and sashes.

The Lighted backdrop as you can see, when the evening draws in or once the lights are lowered, it creates a really stunning ambiance to the room to get you and your guests into the party spirit.

wedding backdrops party

If you are looking for lighted backdrops for a wedding, party or event then feel free to get in touch.

We would love to help and create a special night for you!

We have a unique collection of backdrops from our standard lighted backdrops, luxurious grecian backdrops, unique crystal backdrops and our ultra bright peabody light backdrops.

We have a lot of selection and from it we can help to create your unique day..

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